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Advanced Technologies For Enhanced Oil Recovery, DE-FOA-0001988

Announcement Number
Opening Date
Closing Date
Contract Specialist
Nicole Murray
Fossil Energy

The objectives of this Funding Opportunity Announcement are to solicit and competitively seek research applications to accelerate the development and application of technologies for enhancing the recovery of petroleum from both onshore conventional and unconventional reservoirs through the injection of chemical, miscible, or thermal fluids. It should be noted that applications for developing and testing technologies, methods and practices for enhancing oil recovery over and above current productions from unconventional reservoirs that do not involve the injection of enhanced oil recovery fluids (e.g. improving fracturing treatments, enhanced well completion design) are solicited in a separate Funding Opportunity Announcement, titled DE-FOA-0001990, Advanced Technologies for Recovery of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources.

The two Areas of Interest for this Funding Opportunity Announcement are:

  • Area of Interest 1 Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies for Conventional Resources
  • Area of Interest 2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies for Unconventional Resources

Additional details concerning this FOA can be found at FedConnect.

Amendment 000004 to DE-FOA-0001988:

The purpose of this modification is to re-baseline the schedule for this announcement.  Specifically, the Submission Deadline for Full Applications, Expected Date for Concept Paper Notifications, Expected Date for Selection Notification and Expected Date for Award have been revised. (see Funding Opportunity Cover Page).

Amendment 000003 to DE-FOA-0001988:


Due to significant interest in this announcement, the process has been delayed.  Accordingly, as reflected on the Funding Opportunity Cover Page, the Full Application Submission deadline and ALL Expected Notification dates (including concept paper notifications) for this opportunity are now reflected as “to be determined. Please note that while will still reflect a closing date for applications as “March 29, 2019,” another modification WILL be issued to re-baseline the schedule for this announcement including adjustment of the Expected Dates for concept paper notifications, selection notifications and for award announcements as well as an extension to the due date for Full Applications.

Applicants are encouraged to wait to submit a Full Application until the subsequent modification to re-baseline the schedule has been issued.  

We appreciate your interest in this opportunity and your patience!

Amendment 000002 to DE-FOA-0001988:

The purpose of this modification is to update the “Expected Date for Concept Paper Notifications” (see Funding Opportunity Cover Page). 

NOTE:  Another modification may be issued, as needed, to adjust the submission deadline for Full Applications and Expected Dates for selection notifications and for award announcements once concept paper notifications have been issued.