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Reaction Engineering International (REI) will team with experts from the University of Utah, Praxair, South East University, Nanjing, China, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and Corrosion Management, Ltd, UK to design and construct a dry pulverized coal feeding and firing system for an existing 32 bar (rated) 300kW entrained flow pressurized reactor. This project will determine how dry feed pressurized oxy-coal combustion will impact design of the burner and firing system, radiative heat transfer in the burner zone, slagging and fouling propensity of the ash and its deposition rates, and high temperature corrosion. Experiments will be tailored to provide a comprehensive data set including; measurements of heat flux profiles, investigation of flame shapes, sampling and analysis of ash aerosol, measurement of surface deposition rates, and sampling and analysis of slagging deposits. Resulting test data will be used to validate mechanisms describing heat transfer, ash deposition, and corrosion. An economic analysis will be performed showing the differences between dry fed and slurry fed systems. This project builds upon an existing DOE Cooperative Agreement DE-FE0025168.

Schematic of Dry Feed Principle.
Principal Investigator
Kevin Davis
Project Benefits

The experimental data, oxy-firing system principles, and oxy-combustion process mechanisms provided by the REI team can be used by electric utilities, equipment suppliers, design firms, software vendors, and government agencies to assess the use of dry fed high-temperature and elevated temperature high-pressure oxy-combustion in current research and to guide development of new oxy-coal boiler designs. Dry pressurized coal burner systems have the potential to yield efficiency gains, provide better control over flame aerodynamics, improve flexibility and facilitate scale up. The resulting validated mechanisms are expected to enable design of full-scale minimum recycle and high pressure oxy-coal combustion systems.

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