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The Ohio State University (OSU) will demonstrate the long-term operation of their 250 kilowatt syngas chemical looping (SCL) pilot at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) in Wilsonville, Alabama. The project team consists of OSU, Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, First Energy, and Clear Skies Consulting. The scope of work consists of (1) maintenance, startup and operation of the SCL pilot unit in hydrogen generation mode for chemical production for up to four gasifier test campaigns at the NCCC and (2) completion of a technical and economic evaluation of the technology based on knowledge gained from these campaigns. This evaluation will be used to develop a deployment path for the SCL technology. The construction of SCL pilot unit was completed by OSU under a previous competitively-selected DOE ARPA-E Cooperative Agreement, DE-AR0000017.

Ohio State Syngas Chemical Looping Pilot Unit located at NCCC
Principal Investigator
Liang-Shih Fan
Project Benefits

Growing concerns over carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal-based industrial processes have prompted increased attention to the development of cost effective technologies for CO2 capture. The chemical looping technology developed by OSU is a unique and advanced approach for clean coal conversion, providing for in situ CO2 capture. There is a significant potential to reduce the cost of CO2 capture if the SCL technology is validated at the pilot scale. The expected result from this project is the validation of the SCL technology to efficiently cogenerate heat and hydrogen with nearly 100 percent carbon capture in a commercially applicable scale demonstration.

Project ID
Ohio State University