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ClearPath Foundation sent a delegation for an extensive overview of NETL's work and a tour of relevant NETL research facilities.
Clean Energy Policy Foundation Delegation Visits NETL Morgantown

A delegation from a prominent national non-profit organization that focuses on promotion of clean energy initiatives through small government, free markets, and American innovation visited NETL in Morgantown, West Virginia, Tuesday, Dec. 4 to learn about the Laboratory’s work on carbon capture and storage, solid oxide fuel cells, systems engineering analysis, chemical looping, and hybrid performance.

ClearPath Foundation, with offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Washington D.C., sent a delegation for an extensive overview of the Laboratory’s work and a tour of relevant NETL research facilities.

ClearPath has helped fund the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, Alabama, which works to accelerate the commercialization of advanced technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both natural gas and coal power generation. NETL has a history of working with the Center to install and evaluate promising carbon capture technologies for scale-up and future commercial deployment.

While in Morgantown, the delegation learned about NETL expertise and facilities including: the Lab’s carbon capture research facilities where researchers develop the advanced carbon dioxide capture technologies; carbon storage research activity areas where researchers work on geologic storage, simulation and risk assessment technologies, monitoring technologies and carbon use and reuse innovations; the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Experimental Laboratory; the Hybrid Performance Laboratory; and the Laboratory’s chemical looping reactor facility.

The ClearPath delegation consisted of Jeff Morehouse, government affairs director; Sha Smith, government affairs associate; Spencer Nelson and Justin Ong, policy associates; and Faith Smith, policy analyst. Anna Siefken,executive director of The Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University, also attended.