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SOFC Project Awards - FY2015

The SOFC Program made the following awards for new projects in FY2015.

Agreement Number Project Title Performer Key Technology Research Focus
FE0024090  High Temperature Ceramic Heat Exchanger for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode BOP
FE0023325  Mitigation of Chromium Impurity Effects and Degradation in Solid Oxide Fuels Cells: The Roles of Reactive Transport and Thermodynamics Boston University Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FE0023476 Long-Term Degradation of LSM-Based SOFC Cathodes: Use of a Proven Accelerated Test Regimen Case Western Reserve University Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FE0023385 Materials and Approaches for the Mitigation of SOFC Cathode Degradation in SOFC Power Systems University of Connecticut Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FE0023317 Cost-Effective Manufacturing and Morphological Stabilization of Nanostructured Cathodes for Commercial SOFCs University of Pennsylvania Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FE0023475 Development and Characterization of High Performance and Robust Mixed Conducting Cathodes Supportive of Lower Cost Solid Oxide Fuel Cells University of South Carolina Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FE0023386 Novel Nanostructure-Taillored Highly Active and Stable Electro-Catalyst Architecture on Surface of Cathodes of SOFCs West Virginia University Research Corporation Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FE0023407 Scalable and Cost-Effective Barrier Layer Coating to Improve Performance and Stabiity of SOFC Cathode West Virginia University Research Corporation Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FWP-66841 SECA Core Technology Program Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
Modeling & Simulation
FWP-FEAA121 Reliability of Materials and Components for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Oak Ridge National Laboratory Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Materials
FE0023478 Advanced SOFC Quality Control and the Role of Manufactruing Defects on Stack Reliability Acumentrics Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Reliability
FE0023315 Durable, Impermeable Brazes for SOFC Michigan State University Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Seals
FE0023186 Reliable SOFC Systems FuelCell Energy Inc. Atmospheric Pressure Systems  Atm Systems
FE0023337  Reliable SOFC Systems LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. Pressurized Systems Pressurized Systems