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SOFC Program Recently Completed Projects

The following are recently completed SOFC Projects. Older projects may be found in previous SOFC Program Portfolios.


Agreement Number Project Title Performer Key Technology Research Focus
Projects Completed in FY2014
SC0010221 Energetic Deposition of Fully Dense, High-Quality Doped-Ceria Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Acree Technologies Incorporated Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
FWP-49071 Synchrotron X-Ray Studies of SOFC Cathodes Argonne National Laboratory Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathodes      Mechanical Properties
SC0002491 High-Temperature Viscous Sealing Glasses for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Mo-Sci Corporation Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Seals
FE0005652 Understanding of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack in Pressurized Conditions US Department of the Navy Pressurized Systems Pressurized Systems
FE0000303 SECA Coal-Based Systems - Rolls-Royce LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. Pressurized Systems Pressurized Systems
FC26-04NT41837 SECA Coal-Based Systems - FuelCell Energy FuelCell Energy Inc. Atmospheric Pressure Systems Atmospheric Pressure Systems
Projects Completed in FY2013
FE0000773 LG Fuel Cell Systems SOFC Model Development LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Modeling & Simulation
FE0000982 Improved Flow Field Structures for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells NuVant Systems Inc. Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Modeling & Simulation
FE0006165 Phase III Xlerator Program: Electrodeposited Mn-Co Alloy for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects Faraday Technology Inc. Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Interconnect
NT0003894 Coal-Based IGFC Project Phase I UTC Power Corporation Atmospheric Pressure Systems Atmospheric Pressure Systems
NT0004104 SECA Award - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes:  Unraveling the Relationship Between Structure, Surface Chemistry & Oxygen Reduction Trustees of Boston University Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
NT0004105 Investigation of Cathode Electrocatalytic Activity using Surfaced Engineered Thin Film Samples and High Temperature Property Measure Carnegie Mellon University Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
NT0004109 Performance Degradation of LSCF Cathodes General Electric Company Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
NT0004115 Synchrotron Investigations of LSCF Cathode Degradation Montana State University Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
NT0004117 Chemistry of SOFC Cathode Surfaces:  Fundamental Investigation and Tailoring of Electronic Behavior Massachusetts Institute of Technology Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Cathode
SC0007608 Stable Glass-Ceramic Nanocomposites As Compliant Seals for SOFCs SEM-COM Company, Inc. Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Seals
SC0008236 Low-Cost Alloys for High-Temperature SOFC Systems Components QuesTek Innovations LLC Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Materials
SC0008267 Low Cost Spray-On Coatings for Protection of SOFC Interconnects and BOP Components NGimat Company Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Interconnect

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