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SOFC Project Awards - FY2014

The SOFC Program made the following awards for new projects in FY2014.

Agreement Number Project Title Performer Key Technology Research Focus
SC0011286 YSZ Coated Ferritic Stainless Steel Innosense LLC Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Interconnect
SC0011364 Development of Cost-Effective YSZ Coating Methods for SOFC Interconnects Mo-Sci Corporation Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Interconnect
SC0011274 Cost-Effective Highly Robust SOFC Interconnect Coating Process Sonata LLC Anode-Electrolyte-Cathode Interconnect
FE0011769 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power System Development Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC Atmospheric Pressure Systems Atm Systems
FE0011691 SOFC Systems with Improved Reliability and Endurance FuelCell Energy Inc. Atmospheric Pressure Systems Atm Systems
FE0012077 SECA Coal-Based Systems LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. Pressurized Systems Pressurized Systems

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