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SOFC Project Information

Cell Development
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FE0026096 Processing of SOFC Anodes for Enhanced Intermediate Temperature Catalytic Activity at High Fuel Utilization Trustees of Boston University
FE0026167 Scalable Nano-Scaffold Architecture on the Internal Surface of SOFC Anode for Direct Hydrocarbon Utilization West Virginia University
FE0026192 Enhancing High Temperature Anode Performance with 2° Anchoring Phases Montana State University
FE0009620 Surface-Modified Electrodes: Enhancing Performance Guided by In-Situ Spectroscopy and Microscopy Leland Stanford Junior University
FE0009675 Understanding of Oxygen Reduction & Reaction Behavior & Developing High Performance and Stable Heterostructured Cathode with Heterostructured Surface West Virginia University Research Corporation
FE0023317 Cost Effective Manufacturing and Morphological Stabilization of Nanostructured Cathodes for Commercial Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
FE0023325 Mitigation of Chromium Impurity Effects and Degradation in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Understanding Transport and Thermodynamics Boston University
FE0023385 Materials and Approaches for the Mitigation of SOFC Cathode Degradation in SOFC Power Systems University of Connecticut
FE0023386 Novel Nanostructure Tailored Highly Active and Stable Electro-Catalytic Architecture on Surface of Cathode of SOFCS West Virginia University
FE0023407 Scalable and Cost Effective Barrier Layer Coating to Improve Performance and Stability of SOFC Cathode West Virginia University
FE0023475 Development and Characterization of High Performance and Robust Mixed Conducting Cathodes Supportive of Lower Cost Solid Oxide Fuel Cells University of South Carolina
FE0023476 Long Term Degradation of LSM Based SOFC Cathodes Use of a Proven Accelerated Test Regiment Case Western Reserve University
FE0026097 Developing Accelerated Test Protocols and Tuning Microstructures of the Common Materials to Improve Robustness, Reliability, and Endurance of SOFC Cells University of South Carolina
FE0026106 Low-Cost, Durable, Contaminant-Tolerant Cathodes for SOFCs Georgia Tech Research Corporation
FE0026168 LSCF-CDZ Composite Cathodes for Improved SOFC Electrical Performance Kettering University
FE0026190 In-Operando Evaluation of SOFC Cathodes for Enhanced ORR Activity and Durability University of Maryland
FE0026210 Development of Low-Cost, Highly-Sinterable, Co-Free (Ni,Fe)3O4 Spinel-Based Contact Materials for SOFC Cathode-Side Contact Application Tennessee Technological University
FE0030983 Development Of Agile And Cost Effective Manufacturing Of Reliable Ceramic Components For Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Systems Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials
FE0031251 On-Demand Designing Of Cathode Internal Surface Architecture For Dramatic Enhancement Of SOFC Performance And Durability West Virginia University Research Corporation
FE0031125 Improving Ni-based SOFC Anode Resilience and Durability Through Secondary Phase Formation Montana State University
FE0031148 Ultra-High Temperature Anode Recycle Blower for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Mohawk Innovative Technology 
FE0031175 Robust Optical Sensor Technology For Real-Time Monitoring Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells With High Spatial Resolution University of Pittsburgh
FE0031176 Development of Lost-Cost, Robust, and Durable Cathode Materials to Support SOFC Commercialization University of South Carolina
FE0031178 High Throughput, In-Line Coating Metrology Development for SOFC Manufacturing Redox Power Systems, LLC
FE0031182 Advanced Anode for Internal Reforming and Thermal Management in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Anode
FE0031187 Development and Validation of Low-Cost, Highly-Durable, Spinel-Based Contact Materials for SOFC Cathode-Side Contact Application Tennessee Technological University
FE0031189 Operating Stresses and Their Effects on Degradation of LSM-Based SOFC Cathodes Case Western Reserve University
FE0031201 Highly Active and Contaminant-Tolerant Cathodes for Durable Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Georgia Tech Research Corporation
FE0031205 Core-Shell Heterostructures as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes Boston University
FE0031206 Self-Cleaning Cathodes for Endurance to Chromium Poisoning Boston University
FE0031250 Degradation and Performance Studies of ALD-Stabilized Nano-Composite SOFC Cathodes Michigan State University
FE0031252 Cost-Effective Stabilization of Nanostructured Cathodes by Atomic Layer Deposition University of Pennsylvania
FE0031674 Next Generation Durable, Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Atrex Energy, Inc.
FWP-20089.1 Solid Fuel Cells in Support of SECA Argonne National Laboratory
SC0013238 Fluidized Bed Production of Surface Functionalized Powders for SOFC Cathodes Structured Materials Inc.
FWP-2012.03.04 NETL-RUA Fuel Cells Initiative NETL-ORD
FWP-66841 SECA Core Technology Program Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
SC0015199 Direct 3D Femtosecond Laser Manufacturing of SOFC Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Core Technology
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FE0031671 A Transformational Natural Gas Fueled Dynamic Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Data Center In-Rack Power University of South Carolina
FE0031673 Enhancing Coking Tolerance and Stability of SOFC Anodes Using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of Oxide Thin Films Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
FE0024090 High Temperature Ceramic Heat Exchanger for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
FE0027895 High Temperature Anode Recycle Blower for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
SC0008203 SOFC Protection Coatings Based on a Cost-­Effective Aluminization Process NexTech Materials Ltd.
SC0011274 Cost-­Effective Highly Robust SOFC Interconnect Coating Process Sonata LLC
FE0023478 Advanced Solid­Oxide Fuel Cell Quality Control and the Role of Manufacturing Defects on Stack Reliability Acumentrics Corporation
FE0026095 Matrix Analysis of Aged SOFCs: Performance and Materials Degradation Acumentrics SOFC Corp.
FE0027894 Development of Chromium and Sulfur Getter for SOFC Systems University of Connecticut
FE0027918 Highly Selective and Stable Multivariable Gas Sensors for Enhanced Robustness and Reliability of SOFC Operation General Electric Company
FE0027947 Minimizing Cr-Evaporation from Balance of Plant Components by Utilizing Cost-Effective Alumina-Forming Austenitic Steels West Virginia University Research Corporation
FE0028183 Chromium Vapor Sensor for Monitoring Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Systems Auburn University
FWP-HYW1052A Support FWP: Advanced Solid­-Oxide Fuel Cell Quality Control and the Role of Manufacturing Defects on Stack Reliability National Renewable Energy
FE0023536 Pressurized Testing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells US Department of the Navy
FE0023315 Durable, Impermeable Brazes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Michigan State University
FWP-FEAA121 Reliability of Materials and Components for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Innovative Concepts
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FE0027584 Transformational SOFC Technology FuelCell Energy Inc.
FE0027844 Metal-Supported Ceria Electrolyte-Based SOFC Stack for Scalable, Low Cost, High Efficiency and Robust Stationary Power Systems Cummins Power Generation
FE0027897 Redox Robust SOFC Stacks for Affordable, Reliable Distributed Generation Power Systems Redox Power Systems, LLC
FE0028063 Performance and Reliability Advancements in a Durable Low Temperature Tubular SOFC Atrex Energy Inc.


Systems Development
Agreement Number Project Title Performer
FE0023186 Reliable SOFC Systems FuelCell Energy Inc.
FE0026093 Innovative SOFC Technologies FuelCell Energy Inc.
FE0026199 SOFC Prototype System Test FuelCell Energy Inc.
FE0023337 Improved Reliability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems LG Fuel Cell Systems
FE0031180 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (Sofc) Prototype System Testing LG Fuel Cell Systems, Inc.
FE0026169 Development of a Thermal Spray, Redox Stable, Ceramic Anode for Metal Supported SOFC GE Global Research
FE0026098 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes for MW­scale SOFC Power Systems for Improved Stack Reliability, Durability, and Cost LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc.
FE0026189 High Power, Low Cost SOFC Stacks for Robust and Reliable Distributed Generation Redox Power Systems