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Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships Validation Phase

Validation Phase

The Validation Phase of the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (RCSP) Initiative began in 2005, leading to the successful completion of 19 small-scale field projects in a variety of storage complex (8 in oil and gas fields, 5 in unmineable coal seams, 5 in saline formations, 1 in basalt). The projects provided information on reservoir and seal properties of regionally significant formations, testing, and initial validation of modeling and monitoring technologies. The projects also helped establish familiarity with carbon dioxide (CO2) storage technologies among many stakeholder groups. More than 1 million metric tons (MMT) of CO2 cumulatively was stored via these RCSP Validation Phase field projects.

Field Test Locations for the RCSP Validation Phase
Field Test Locations for the RCSP Validation Phase
Number on Map Project Name RCSP Project Type Injection Formations (Reservoir) CO2Injected 
(metric tons)
April 2012
1 Walulla Basalt Pilot Study BSCSP Basalt Interflow Zones, Grande Ronde Basalt 1,000*
2 Loudon Single Well Huff N Puff Project MGSC Huff N Puff EOR Cypress and Mississippi Weiler Sandstone 39
3 Mumford Hills Project MGSC Enhanced Oil Recovery Clore Sandstone 6,300
4 Sugar Creek Project MGSC Enhanced Oil Recovery Jackson Sandstone 6,560
5 Tanquary Well Project MGSC Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery Springfield Coal 91
6 Appalachian Basin Geologic Test at the R.E. Power Plant: Fegenco Fell MRCSP Saline Storage Clinton Sandstone
Salina Formation
Oriskany Sand Stone
7 Duke Energy – East Bend Well Site MRCSP Saline Storage Mt. Simon 910
8 Michigan Basin Geologic Test MRCSP Saline Storage Bass Island Dolomite 60,000
9 Zama Acid Gas EOR, CO2Storage, and Monitoring Project PCOR Enhanced Oil Recovery Middle Devonian Keg River Formation 133,550 acid gas
10 Lignite CCS Project PCOR ECBM Lignite Seams in Ft. Union Formation 80
11 Northwest McGregor EOR Huff N Puff Project PCOR Huff N Puff EOR Mission Canyon Limestone 400
12 Gulf Coast Stacked Storage Project SECARB Enhanced Oil Recovery Tuscaloosa Formation 627,744
13 Plant Daniel Project SECARB Saline Storage Massive Sand, Lower Tuscaloosa 2,740
14 Central Appalachian Basin Coal Test SECARB Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery Pocahontas and Lee Formation 907
15 Black Warrior Project SECARB Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery Pottsville Formation (coal zones) 252
16 Aneth EOR Sequestration Test SWP Enhanced Oil Recovery Desert Creek and Ismay Formation 292,000
17 SACROC CO2 Injection Project SWP Enhanced Oil Recovery Horseshoe Atoll and Pennsylvanian Reef/Bank Play 157,000
18 Pump Canyon CO2-ECBM/Sequestration Demonstration SWP Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery Fruitland Coal Formation 16,700
19 Arizona Utilities CO2 Storage Pilot WESTCARB Saline Storage Martin and Naco Formations -

The RCSP small-scale Validation Phase field test efforts were designed to demonstrate that regional storage formations have the capability to store CO2 and provide the foundation for larger volume, commercial-scale projects.

    Experience and knowledge gained from field laboratories is key in development of the Carbon Storage Program's Best Practices Manuals (BPMs), with the original BPMs being based on Validation Phase efforts. The BPMs are intended to disseminate knowledge gained through the RCSP field efforts and to establish effective methods, reliable approaches, and consistent standards for carrying out successful geologic storage projects.