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NETL’s Andrea Williams Combines Drive for Self-Improvement with Fiscal Preparedness
NETL’s Andrea Williams

NETL’s Andrea Williams, who joined the Lab this year, is among the recent federal hires helping to roll out new directives that will help make a decarbonized power sector and economy possible while also pursuing personal business goals of expanding health and fitness in the community.

Williams is from in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and graduated from Fayetteville State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She earned a master’s Master of Science in accounting and financial management from the University of Maryland. She originally wanted to be a fashion buyer or jingle writer but quickly discovered that was not an easy field to get into, so went back to school for accounting.

As team lead in the Lab’s accounting department within the finance and accounting division, Williams and her team are responsible for monthly accrual monitoring, Comprehensive Field Financial Report, improper payment reporting, travel, Inter Entity Work Order uncosted balance review and prior year closeouts. Joining NETL in January, her department has worked closely with acquisitions to execute the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act, managing more than $30 billion in funding. Agreements include but not limited to purchase orders, contracts, economy act orders and reimbursables.

Williams was intrigued by NETL, particularly its status as a government-owned and government-operated laboratory and decided join after researching the organization further. Williams was hired in January, finding value in the public service aspect of her job as a government employee. Since then, she was successful in assisting in the rollout of the uncosted balance report for internal and the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management-level review. A procedures guide was created, and new relationships were formed across departments to ensure a timely and accurate product.

“I have enjoyed the team being welcoming to someone completely new to the Department of Energy, and also the sharing of information and sharing it in a way that adapts to my learning style,” Williams said.

Outside of work, Williams is passionate about the gym, health and fitness.

“To try different gyms and conduct group workouts in a tropical setting would be a dream. I am working on creating a home gym and trying my workouts and plans on friends and family when they are in town,” she said. “So far, my customers are pleased. I like to think it is because I would make a great trainer or maybe because it’s free!”

Williams said she loves traveling around the Caribbean in general, but Jamaica holds a special place. If she could meet any celebrity or historical figure, it would be Michael Jackson.

“He was the greatest entertainer and there will never be another,” she said. “The year he died I had literally just put my plan to see him in concert on my vision board so when it happened, I was devastated. So now I try to attend all things Michael Jackson related or adjacent and named my bichon poodle Billie Jean.”

NETL is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory that drives innovation and delivers solutions for an environmentally sustainable and prosperous energy future. By leveraging its world-class talent and research facilities, NETL is ensuring affordable, abundant and reliable energy that drives a robust economy and national security, while developing technologies to manage carbon across the full life cycle, enabling environmental sustainability for all Americans.