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Carbon Matchmaker Builds Bridges Across Carbon Management Community
The Carbon Matchmaker interactive web map.

Since its launch last year, Carbon Matchmaker has reviewed and approved significant amounts of data and integrated this data into an interactive web map so those using the tool can locate resources and form teams to address carbon management issues in their regions.

Developed by NETL researchers in coordination with the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), Carbon Matchmaker, an online information hub, connects users across the carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) community and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) supply chains, helping to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through strong public-private partnerships in a just and sustainable way.

“Since launching in July of 2022 on the FECM website, Carbon Matchmaker received 9,700 webpage visits and 15,000 map visits, provided more than 120 organizations with representation and identified more than 350 carbon activities with the resource’s self-identification form,” said NETL’s Jennifer Bauer, who led development of the tool.

“These self-reported activities aligned to carbon sources, capture, utilization, storage, transport and CDR. A strong network of community members like this can foster partnerships, collaborations and innovations that accelerate progress for safe CCUS.

Bauer and her team leveraged NETL’s expertise in geo-data science, computational data management and virtualization to support the development and deployment of the web-based platform. Carbon Matchmaker has since continued to connect entities that generate carbon dioxide (CO2) with the technology and commercial sectors that offer capabilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, industries that generate significant levels of CO2 may be preparing to take steps to reduce carbon emissions but don’t have a clear plan about how to capture and store the CO2, how to transport it to the storage site, or know who can use it as a feedstock for value-added products. Carbon Matchmaker can connect these industries with public and private entities within their region that are developing or plan to develop projects to address those or similar issues, building regional carbon management teams.

“This teaming mechanism supports geographically diverse CCUS/CDR projects across the United States and globally.” Bauer said. “Carbon Matchmaker also provides information that can help support the development of regional carbon management hubs, provided diverse stakeholder groups with CO2 supply and demand maps, and highlights Department of Energy-funded carbon management projects across the U.S.” 

Carbon Matchmaker aligns with goals and initiatives included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which directs more than $12 billion for carbon management research, development and demonstration over five years. To submit your carbon management projects to Carbon Matchmaker, fill out this form. Any difficulty or questions pertaining to the submission process can be directed to

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