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NETL Metallurgical Researchers Participate in Superalloy 718 Symposium
Superalloy 718 and Derivatives

A team of experienced NETL metallurgical researchers were presenters at the 10th International Symposium on Superalloy 718 and Derivatives 2023 May 14-17 in Pittsburgh.

The conference was designed to explore all aspects of metallurgical processing, materials behavior, and microstructural performance for a distinct class of 718-type superalloy and derivatives, which have demonstrated excellent fabricability and heat resistant properties for products like turbine engine disks.

Symposium topics covered broad industrial applications for a cross-section of industries, including supply chain, energy and aerospace.

NETL researchers have a long record of success in advanced alloy development and have demonstrated and deployed alloys with improved performance capabilities for energy applications, aerospace, defense and bio-medical applications.

The Laboratory has also implemented technologies to improve melting and casting practices. Lab experts use an integrated alloy development approach that incorporates computational materials engineering, manufacturing at scale, and performance assessment at condition to develop alloys solutions that enable advanced technologies.

NETL’s Paul Jablonski served on the organizing committee for the symposium.

NETL personnel who participated in the symposium and the titles of their presentations were:

  • Kyle Rozman and Ömer Dogan: Tensile Performance of Direct Energy Deposited IN718 and Oxide Dispersed Strengthened IN718.
  • Stoichko Antonov, Chang-Yu Hung, Jeffrey A. Hawk, Jablonski, and Martin Detrois: Tailoring the Dual Superlattice Microstructure of Ni-based Superalloy IN725 by High Temperature Aging and Nb/Ta Additions for Superior Creep Properties.
  • Chantal Sudbrack: Microstructure Evolution During Post-Heat Treatment of Haynes 282 Alloy Processed by Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing.

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