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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) - Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program (Section 40209)

Announcement Number
Announcement Type
Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
Opening Date
Closing Date
Contract Specialist
John Hatfield
Office of Manufacturing & Energy Supply Chains

Original Closing Dates:

  • Concept Papers: 03/14/2023 5:00 PM ET
  • Full Applications: 06/08/2023 5:00 PM ET

The United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC) is releasing this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) entitled “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law: Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program (Section 40209).”

The mission of MESC is to strengthen and secure manufacturing and energy supply chains needed to modernize the nation’s energy infrastructure and support a clean and equitable energy transition.

The FOA will support the Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program, as established by Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Section 40209. The FOA will award financial assistance to small- and medium-sized manufacturers in energy communities to 1) establish new facilities or 2) re-equip or expand existing facilities for the manufacturing or recycling of advanced energy property. This first FOA will provide approximately $350 million in awards with a focus on projects with high supply chain impacts and strong community benefits plans.

Projects supported under the FOA must occur in census tracts where (a)coal mines have closed since December 31, 1999, (b) coal-fired power plant units have closed since December 31, 2009, or (c) in census tracts immediately adjacent to a or b.  A mapping tool showing such closures is available here.

This Program supports the broader government-wide approach to reinvigorating and reinvesting in the American industrial base; establishing secure, resilient domestic energy supply chains; and revitalizing economies in energy communities to maximize the benefits of the clean energy transition as the nation works to curb the climate crisis, empower workers, and advance environmental justice. 

DOE anticipates making awards in the form of cooperative agreements.  Awardees must complete their projects no later than three years after the date of receipt of federal funds.  The period of performance will be comprised of one or more budget periods. Project continuation will be contingent upon several elements, including satisfactory performance and DOE’s Go/No-Go decision.

DOE expects to make a total of approximately $350 million of federal funding available for new awards under this FOA, subject to the availability of appropriated funds. DOE anticipates making approximately 6-35 awards under this FOA. DOE may issue one, multiple, or no awards. Individual awards may vary between $5,000,000 and $100,000,000.

Details may be found at OCED Exchange

Amendment 000001: The purpose of this amendment is to provide: 

  • Update to Section I. to include information pertaining to the Technical Assistance Program; 
  • Update Section III. to include clarification regarding eligibility under III.A.i and compliance under Section III.C.; 
  • Update Section IV. to include clarification to the “Background/Resources” Addendum in Section C., adjustments to the requirements of the Full Application Content under IV.D.i as well as the incorporation of Section IV.D.xix Census Tract Evidence of Filing (if applicable), Section IV.D.xx. Required Eligibility Certification Form and Addendum, and adjustments to Section IV.E., Post Selection Information Requests; and 
  • Update the Appendices to include the incorporation of Appendix H – Required Eligibility Certification Form and Addendum.

Amendment 000002: The purpose of this amendment is to provide: 

  • Update Section V.B. to add a merit review procedure reference