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Latest Edition of NETL Edge Is Now Available

NETL has released the latest edition of its semiannual publication that showcases research on emerging energy technologies. NETL Edge shares the latest developments in the Lab’s mission to drive innovation and deliver solutions for an environmentally sustainable and prosperous energy future. 

In this issue, we feature work underway at NETL to develop and deploy safe, effective, wide-spread hydrogen-related technologies, including advancements to enable co-gasification technology to produce hydrogen for a net-zero carbon emissions future. Check out the newly released edition of NETL Edge to learn more about how NETL is positioned as a key research partner for advancing a hydrogen energy economy. 
Also featured is the Lab’s research in pressure gain combustion (PGC), which is creating opportunities for hydrogen combustion, and NETL modeling work that is bolstering a national laboratory collaboration focused on clean hydrogen production. This issue of Edge also includes a conversation with NETL researcher and mentor Don Ferguson, who is a recognized expert in PGC and thermoacoustic instabilities in gas turbines. Download the PDF here