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Researchers to Discuss New, High-Value Uses for Coal, Carbon Dioxide
OCT 19

Game-changing technologies to use coal as a feedstock to manufacture high-value products and research that’s  transforming carbon dioxide (CO2) from a greenhouse gas into helpful chemical building blocks for industry will be discussed at next week’s DOE-NETL 2020 Virtual Integrated Project Review Meeting.

Two days are dedicated to exploring the revolution that’s underway to develop new uses for coal. Scientists and engineers are opening doors to use coal, coal byproducts and coal waste to manufacture a variety of products. Someday soon, the roof above your head could be made of a coal composite. Down the road, carbon fiber and graphene manufactured from coal feedstock will be used to make stronger, lighter vehicles and more durable roads or manufacture superior materials for computer components.

The week also will feature researchers from academia and industry who are leading NETL-supported projects that focus on recycling CO2 generated by fossil energy plants and other industrial sources into chemicals, alcohols, acids and syngas, which can be used to manufacture fuels, polymers, fertilizer and other items while eliminating CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Registration is free. Select the links below to access agendas, online registration and WebEx instructions.

Advanced Coal Processing (Monday, Oct. 19, and Tuesday, Oct. 20)

Carbon Utilization (Wednesday, Oct. 21, and Thursday, Oct. 22)

For information about the DOE-NETL 2020 Virtual Integrated Project Review Meeting, visit the NETL website or review the comprehensive schedule.