NETL in the News

Magnetic materials increase energy density in power transformation (NETL collaboration noted) – news

Gas could help put brakes on climate change, study finds(study builds on NETL research) –

Rare Earth Elements Discovered in American Coal (NETL finds concentrations in coal samples) – Environment News Service

British Columbia LNG exports would have net GHG reductions: Johns Hopkins (NETL study cited) – Business Vancouver

National Energy Technology Laboratory is in step with Trump, its leaders say –Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

RPSEA rolls out 10-year plan for U.S. oil and gas R&D (RPSEA work with NETL noted) – North American Shale

NETL solvent technology for CO2 capture -- Gasworld

WVU partners to make marketable products from shale gas – The State Journal

High-frequency, three-port transformers demonstrate ability to improve solar power (an NETL discovery) –

DOE Announces Funding for New HPC4Manufacturing Industry Projects (NETL projects among those supported) –

UK CAER, Hazard Partnership Seeks to Improve Rural Power Generation (NETL funding noted) – University of Kentucky

New carbon capture technology proving competitive and effective (NETL invention) – World Coal

A fossil fuel technology that doesnt pollute – The Ohio State University

SparkCognition receives federal award from the Department of Energy (NETL to manage project) – pr newswire

WVU partners to make marketable products form shale gas (NETL co-developer) – WV News

AIM Exploration Discusses Discovery of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Anthracite, Boon to Anthracite Mining in the US and Increased Demand for Anthracite (NETL research quoted) – Digital Journal

Barletta views Trump order a boon to area (NETL research noted) – Standard-Speaker (Hazelton, PA)

Trump orders boost in 'critical minerals' production in U.S. (NETL REE research cited) – Digital

Rare Opportunity: Researchers See Potential In Mining Coal Waste - WV Public Broadcasting

New Report Determines What to do with Saline Waste Water from Oil and Gas Fields in Eastern Utah (NETL support noted) – Emery County

WVU, NETL to collaborate with Pitt, Shell to develop process to transform stranded natural gas into marketable products –

US DOE’s NETL finds high concentrations of rare earth elements in American coal basins – Energy Business Review

Keyser Man on Nationally-Recognized Energy Team – Keyser News Tribune

NRAP Software Developers Win Prestigious R&D 100 Award – EIN Newsdesk

Cleaned-Up Coal and Clean Air: Facts About Air Quality and Coal-Fired Power Plants (NETL information cited) – Canada Free Press

DOE Funds Twelve Projects to Enhance Coal Power Efficiency (NETL to manage projects) – Power Engineering

Department of Energy Announces up to $5.5 Million for Advanced Turbine Technology Projects (NETL to manage projects) –

Japan 'Flammable Ice' Could Be Burned for Energy (NETL study cited) -- Newsmax

Battelle Completes 15-Year CO2 Storage Project at Mountaineer Power Plant (NETL support noted) – Business Wire

University of North Dakota awarded contract to investigate coal-based resources containing REEs (NETL identified as awarding entity) – World Coal

US DOE selects two carbon capture projects to receive additional funding (NETL management of project noted) – World Coal

Higher Education Policy Commission Awards $3.9 Million in Grants to Help West Virginia Researchers Commercialize Their Work (NETL noted as partner) –

DOE earmarks $26 million of financial assistant for carbon capture research (NETL oversight noted) – Daily Energy Insider

DOE-supported CO2-capture project hits major milestone: 4 M metric tons (NETL support noted) – Wyoming Business Report

Beatrice company part of Energy Department research project (teams with NETL on REE research) – Lincoln Journal Star