NETL Emergency Response

For Employees
NETL Emergency Response/Continuity of Operations for Employees

This website is for postings of special instructions for personnel employed at NETL and for our surrounding communities.

Announcements posted to this site could include:

  • Broadcast instructions to employees and essential personnel during
    continuity of operations execution or emergencies
  • Copies of informational press releases issued to the public during emergencies

These phone numbers are for the information hotlines for each site.  NETL DOE managers or emergency response officials can leave recorded messages about the site status, such as whether inclement weather
has caused a site closure.  Contractor employees should check with their management for policies regarding closures, delays, and early dismissals. 


(304) 285-4700


(412) 386-4700


(800) 474-4949 (Option 1)

Sugarland (formerly Tulsa):

(281) 494-2624


Does not maintain a hotline number. 
Closures are coordinated through the Sugarland office.