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DE-FOA-0003036 - “Energy Storage Demonstration and Validation”

The objective of this FOA is to fund demonstrations of 3 different energy storage technologies that operate at a meaningful scale in the field and consist of strong partners that will advance innovative technologies to wider commercialization opportunities and serve impactful use cases for end users. Performance data will be collected from these demonstrations to contribute to the ROVI and aid in the development of tools that can predict performance and lifetime of storage technologies at an accelerated pace and commercially confident level. The FOA will contain three areas of interest based on eligible technology: 1. Lithium Batteries 2. Flow Batteries 3. Other Innovative Technologies, that will each be eligible for federal funding with cost share provided by the applicant organization(s). For more information, please reference the FOA document.

This FOA specifically requires partnership structures that will ensure that these demonstrations projects will provide tangible benefits to a host site or other end user(s) that will use or leverage the services provided by the ESS. For more information on partnership information and requirements, please reference the “Partnering List” section of the FOA document.

Please complete the following “FOA3036 Partnering List Submission” and email the completed from to to be added to the eligible partner list.


Email Submission List