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High-frequency Miocene sequence stratigraphy, offshore Louisiana: Cycle framework and influence on production distribution in a mature shelf province Tucker F. Hentz and Hongliu Zeng ABSTRACT The regressive Miocene succession of offshore Louisiana comprises 10 third-order sequences and no fewer than 58 fourth-order sequences, which average approximately 1.1 and 0.19 m.y. in duration, respectively, comparable to durations measured in the Gulf Coast Basin and basins worldwide. Upper lower to middle Miocene distal third-order sequences comprise mostly lowstand progradingwedge, slope-fan, and basin-floor-fan deposits. In contrast, middle to upper Miocene medial sequences record progressively more landward systems tracts: (1) the lateral transition between on-shelf incised-valley fills and the proximal parts of basinward-thickening, lowstand prograding wedges and (2) cyclic on-shelf highstand and transgressive systems tracts. Upper Miocene inner-shelf and marginal marine systems tracts and more abundant incised valleys dominate the thinner proximal third-order sequences.