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Coiled-Tubing High-Pressure Jet Drilling System by Dr. William C. Maurer (, 713-683-8227, ext. 216) Curtis E. Leitko (, 713-683-8227) Mel Hightower (, 713-683-8227) MAURER ENGINEERING INC. 2916 West TC Jester Houston, Texas 77018-7098 INTRODUCTION High drilling costs are a major constraint on the development of marginal oil and gas reserves in the USA. New drilling technology is needed to significantly reduce drilling costs and increase oil and gas recovery. In a typical well, approximately 50 percent of the expenditures go toward making the hole and 50 percent toward completing the well (i.e., casing, cementing, logging, artificial lift, etc.). Therefore, techniques that will double the drilling rate have the potential to reduce overall well costs by up to 25 percent.

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