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Parallel, Multigrid Finite Element Simulator for Fractured/Faulted and Other Complex Reservoirs based on Common Component Architecture (CCA) Final Report DOE Award No. DE-FC26-04NT15531 Period Covered by the Report: September 9, 2004 – August 31, 2008 Principal Investigator: Milind D. Deo University of Utah Department of Chemical and Fuels Engineering 50 South Central Campus Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Phone: (801)581-7629 FAX: (801)585-9291 e-mail: Principle Authors Milind D. Deo Chung-Kan Huang Huabing Wang Contributors Yi-kun Yang Thomas Doe Craig Forster Sriram Balasubramaniam Yao Fu Prepared for: U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory February 28, 2009