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October 31, 2005 Seismic Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Saturation in Deep-Water Reservoirs Grant/Cooperative Agreement DE-FC26-02NT15342. QUARTERLY REPORT Report Period Start Date: July 1, 2005 Report period End Date: September 30, 2005 Primary Author: Dr. Michael Batzle Prime Contractor: Colorado school of Mines Department of Geophysics 1500 Illinois St. Golden, Colorado 80401 Subcontractors: University of Houston Texas A&M University Industrial Collaborators: Paradigm, Veritas Principal Investigators: M. Batzle - Colorado School of Mines D-h Han - University of Houston (formerly: Houston Advanced Research Center) R. Gibson - Texas A&M University Huw James - Paradigm Geophysical Agreement DE-FC26-02NT15342, Seismic Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Saturation 1