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A HANDBOOK FOR THE APPLICATION OF SEISMIC METHODS FOR QUANTIFYING NATURALLY FRACTURED GAS RESERVOIRS IN THE SAN JUAN BASIN, NEW MEXICO Project Report Submitted to: National Energy Technology Laboratory Ernest Majer, John Queen, Tom Daley, Mark Fortuna, Dale Cox, Peter D’Onfro, Rusty Goetz, Richard Coates, Kurt Nihei, Seiji Nakagawa, Larry Myer, Jim Murphy, Charles Emmons, Heloise Lynn, John Lorenz, David LaClair, Mathias Imhoff, Jerry Harris, Chunling Wu, Jame Urban, Sonja Maultzsch, Enru Liu, Mark Chapman, and Xiang-Yang Li September 30, 2004 For U.S. Department of Energy Contract No. DE-AC03-76SF00098 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ConocoPhillips, Hi-Q Geophysics, Stanford University, Schlumberger Inc., Lynn Inc., Virginia Tech University, Edinburgh University Anisotropy Project, Sandia National laboratory.