NETL Direct Air Capture (DAC) Center

Turning ambitious ideas into technology solutions

A one-of-a-kind facility supporting rapid technology development for atmospheric carbon capture.

The DAC Center Mission

Commercializing innovative direct air capture (DAC) technologies is at the heart of NETL’s DAC Center. We provide the testing facilities and national lab support to accelerate technically and economically viable DAC solutions—helping achieve our nation’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 through collaborative research efforts.

DAC render skid

State-of-the-Art Testing Facilities

From designing, installing, and operating experimental systems to interpreting data and results, NETL’s DAC Center provides affordable and accessible material, module, and prototype scale testing facilities and support. Empowering innovators from government, academia, and the private sector, the Center tests emerging technologies that have achieved proof-of-concept but have not reached full pilot scale (technology readiness levels 3 to 6).

Visit NETL's DAC Center

The new DAC Center is located in southwest Pennsylvania, with available remote collaboration. Nestled within NETL’s Pittsburgh campus, this $25 million dedicated research center leverages the Lab’s 25+ years of experience in point source carbon capture research and development.