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About the Program



The Hydrogen with Carbon Management (HCM) subprogram invests in research, development, demonstration, and deployment (RDD&D) to evaluate carbon-neutral hydrogen (i.e., coupled to carbon capture and storage (CCS)) as a fuel and also support development of technologies to use carbon-neutral hydrogen from any source. The subprogram’s efforts are an integral part of the recently launched Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Shot™, with a goal of reducing clean hydrogen costs by 80% to $1 per 1 kilogram (kg) within one decade (1-1-1), while expanding employment of the U.S. energy workforce. They Hydrogen Shot establishes a framework and foundation for clean hydrogen deployment in the American Jobs Plan, which includes support for demonstration projects. Seeking a cost-competitive decarbonized alternative to traditional fossil fuels, the subprogram has a research and development portfolio consisting of a new generation of carbon-neutral or net-negative greenhouse gas emissions technologies. The program comprises of six RDD&D activities: (1) Gasification Systems, (2) Advanced Turbines, (3) Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (R-SOFCs), (4) Advanced Energy Materials, (5) Sensors, Controls, and Other Novel Concepts, and (6) Simulation-Based Engineering.

This subprogram provides a platform for developing the advanced systems of the future while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions. While the primary focus is on thermal and electrochemical power systems and hydrogen production, improvements to these technologies are also applicable to other energy systems such as concentrated solar and nuclear and the chemical industry. Improvements to new and existing plants will also support their efforts to be carbon neutral and allow these assets to provide continued low-cost baseload power and resilient flexible grid services. These activities align with the Administration’s priority of reducing environmental impacts from the power sector, especially in disadvantaged communities.

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