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Current High Performance Materials R&D Portfolio

Projects grouped by generic technical solutions

Advanced repair processes
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA119 Microstructure and Properties of Ni-based Components fabricated by Additive Manufacturing $954,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA372 Novel Transition Joint for Dissimilar Metal Welds by Solid-State Manufacturing Processes for New Installation and Replacement $310,000
AUSC alloy qualification
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA125 Properties of Advanced Ni-Based Alloys for A-USC Steam Turbines $2,160,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA117 Materials Qualification and Deployment for High Efficiency Coal Fired Boilers $820,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA133 Low Cost High Performance Austenitic Stainless Steels for A-USC $1,590,000
AUSC component design
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Energy Industries of Ohio, Inc. FE0025064 Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Component Testing $26,750,822
Computational modeling
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Strategic Power Systems, Inc (with Oak Ridge National Laboratory) HPC4 Materials Utilizing High Peformance Computational Analysis to Characterize the Operating Envelop of Various NGCC Operating Technologies -- HPC4Materials $500,000
United Technologies Research Center (with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) HPC4 Materials Understanding Complex, Coupled Mechanisms of Oxidation and Hot Corrosion Degradation with Computational Models $360,000
Pratt & Whitney (with Oak Ridge National Laboratory) HPC4 Materials Predicting Limit Rub Response in Advanced Gas Turbine Engines $395,554
Siemens Energy Inc (with Los Alamos National Laboratory) HPC4 Materials High Performance Particle Based Modeling of Damage Nucleation from Forging Flaws in Fossil Power Generation Rotor Components $382,000
VAST Power Systems Inc (with Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Argonne) HPC4 Materials Ultra-Clean Transient Turbine Combustor $300,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA128 Components Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing $900,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA137 Probabilistic Life Assessment and Aged Materials Testing for Service Feedback of Gas Turbine Components $900,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA151 Development of Functionally Graded Transition Joints to Enable Dissimilar Metal Welds $1,000,000
QuesTek Innovations, LLC SC0015922 Improved Models of Long-Term Creep Behavior of High Performance Structural Alloys for Existing and Advanced Technologies Fossil Energy Power Plants $1,164,586
Missouri State University FE0031554 Multi-modal Approach to Modeling Creep Deformation In Ni-Base Superalloys $918,370
Pennsylvania State University FE0031553 High Throughput Computational Framework of Materials Properties for Extreme Environments $937,836
High temperature alloy design
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA118 Weldability of Creep Resistant Alloys for Advanced Power Plants $1,800,000
National Energy Technology Laboratory FWP-1022406 Advanced Alloy Development $6,544,606
Material life prediction modeling
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (Funded by TPG) FE0031562 Characterization of Long-Term Service Coal Combustion Power Plant Extreme Environment Materials (EEMs) $2,500,000
Vacuum Process Engineering Inc (with Sandia National Lab) HPC4 Materials Compact Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchanger Fatigue Life Simulations $300,000
General Electric Company (Funded by MSA) FE0031823 Damage Accumulations Predictions for Boiler Components Via Macrostructurally Informed Material Models $907,084
Strategic Power systems, Inc (with National Energy Technology Laboratory) HPC4 Materials An Investigation of the Effect of Cyclic Operation on HRSG and Coal-fired Boiler Tubes - Failures Induced by High Thermal Stress and Component Fatigue $500,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA115 Creep-Fatigue-Oxidation Interactions: Predicting Alloy Lifetimes under Fossil Energy Service Conditions $1,500,000
Idaho National Laboratory FWP-B000-14029 Physics-based Creep Simulation of Thick Section Welds in High Temperature and Pressure Applications $955,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA144 Effect of Impurities on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Compatibility $1,650,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA150 Steamside Oxidation Issues in Current Coal-Fired Boilers $900,000
Southern Research Institute FE0031811 Life Modelling of Critical Steam Cycle Components in Coal-Fueled Power Plants $862,345
University of Texas at El Paso FE0030331 An Accelerated Creep Testing Program for Advanced Creep Resistant Alloys for High Temperature Fossil Energy Applications $400,000
Novel manufacturing methods
Prime performer Agreement number* Project title Total award value
Siemens Corporation FE0031824 Welding of Haynes 282 to Steels to Enable Modular Rotors for Advanced Ultra Super-Critical Steam Turbines $1,408,866
General Electric Company FE0031818 Low-Cost Hip Fabrication of Advanced Power Cycle Components and PM/Wrought in740h Weld Development $1,299,505
Arconic (with Lawrence Livermore National Lab) HPC4 Materials Computational Modeling of Industrial Rolling Processes Incorporating Microstructure Evolution to Minimize Rework Energy Losses $300,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA127 Additive Manufacturing of High Gamma Prime Alloys $424,000
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory FWP-66059 Solid State Joining of Creep Enhanced Ferritic Steels $1,075,000
Oak Ridge National Laboratory FWP-FEAA152 Evaluating Ni-Based Alloys for A-USC Component Manufacturing and Use $1,615,000
Idaho National Laboratory FWP-B100-19010 Multi-pass Hybrid Laser Arc Welding of Alloy 740H $1,294,000
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory FWP-60098 Low Cost Fabrication of ODS Materials $735,000
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory FWP-71843 Integrated Process Improvement using Laser and Friction Stir Processing for Nickel Alloys used in Fossil Energy Power Plant Applications $1,120,000
United Technologies Research Center FE0031821 Optimization of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Process to Produce Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Components (AUSC) Components with Increased Service Life $1,249,916
Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd. SC0018678 Silicon Carbide (SIC) Foam for Molten Salt Containment in CSP-GEN3 Systems $1,747,540
West Virginia University FE0031819 Additively Manufactured Graded Composite Transition Joints for Dissimilar Metal Weldments in Utra-Supercritical Power Plant $959,865
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