Frequently Asked Questions

Is US citizenship required?

Yes. US citizenship is required for all federal vacancies.

Am I eligible to apply for the All Sources, the Government-Wide, or should I apply for both announcements?

All Sources:  These vacancies are open to any US citizen or applicant eligible under the Government-wide area of consideration.


Government-Wide:  These vacancies are only open to Federal career/career conditional employees in the competitive service and Veterans who have preference eligibility or who have been separated from the Armed Forces under honorable conditions after substantially completing an initial 3-year term.

Why two vacancy announcements for the same position?

The “Area of Consideration”, identified on the first page of the announcement, is the source from which we will consider applicants.  We can consider applicants from either or both of the areas.  Applicants eligible to apply under the Government-Wide area of consideration are encouraged to also apply under the All Sources area.

How will I know if I am eligible to apply for the position?

Read the entire announcement with particular emphasis on all topics up to “HOW YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION

How do I find information about this position?


Am I qualified for the position?


What documents do I need to apply for this position?

Check the “TO APPLY” section.

Can I submit one application for a position advertised under two “Areas of Consideration”?

If you are eligible to apply for two areas of consideration, you need to submit an application package for each vacancy announcement number.


Quality ranking factors help subject matter experts determine your level of experience, education and training in areas of importance to the job you are being considered for.    Failure to submit responses can result in a lower rating of your application.

Is there a person I can contact to answer questions?

Call or email the point of contact identified under “TO APPLY” section.