Available NETL Technologies

Software & Modeling

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This portfolio includes technologies related to and involving:

  • Physics-based simulation models, methods, and tools to support the development and deployment of novel process and equipment designs.
  • Advanced computations to generate information beyond the reach of experiments alone by integrating experimental and computational sciences across different length and time scales.
  • Multiphase flow; multi-scale simulation and optimization; and simulation, data analysis, and visualization
Month Posted Partnership Opportunity Patent Information
new05/2018 Cyber-Physical System Model for Monitoring and Control U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2018 Novel Algorithm Enables Manufacture of Continuous Single-Crystal Fibers of Infinite Length U.S. Patent Pending
new03/2017 Slag Management Toolset for Improved Gasifier Performance Patent Pending
new05/2016 Sensors for Corrosion Monitoring in Harsh Environments U.S. Patent Pending
new12/2010 High Speed Particle Image Velocimetry 8,391,552