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Sensors & Controls

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This portfolio includes technologies related to and involving:

  • Sensor and control devices and mechanisms.
  • Advanced sensor and diagnostic technology for non-intrusive measurement and measurement in extreme environments.
Month Posted Partnership Opportunity Patent Information
new08/2018 Optical Sensing Materials Comprising Metal Oxide Nanowires U.S. Patent Pending
new07/2018 Laser Ignition Technology U.S. Patent Pending
new05/2018 Cyber-Physical System Model for Monitoring and Control U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2018 Novel Algorithm Enables Manufacture of Continuous Single-Crystal Fibers of Infinite Length U.S. Patent Pending
new12/2017 Conducting Metal Oxides Integrated With Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) Sensors For Use In Harsh Environments U.S. Patent Pending
new11/2017 Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Probe for Simplified Light Collection and Laser Operation U.S. Patent Pending
new10/2017 High-Temperature Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Patent Pending
new04/2017 Integration of Thermal Energy Storage into Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems U.S. Patent Pending
new02/2017 Gas Sensing System Employing Raman Scattering 8,674,306
new08/2016 Portable Luminescence-Based Sensor for Rare Earth Element Detection U.S. Patent Pending
new05/2016 Sensors for Corrosion Monitoring in Harsh Environments U.S. Patent Pending
new07/2014 Embedded Gas and Temperature Sensors for Extreme Environments 8,411,275; 8,638,440; 8,741,657; 8,836,945; 9,568,377; 9,019,502; 9,964,494
new12/2012 Transpiration Purging Access Probe for Particulate Laden or Hazardous Environments U.S. Patent Pending
new11/2012 Distributed Optical Sensor for CO2 Leak Detection 8,786,840
new03/2012 A Unique Split Laser System for Environmental Monitoring 7,421,166; 8,786,840; 8,934,511; 9,297,696; 9,548,585
new09/2011 Lean Blowoff Detection Sensor 7,197,880
new03/2011 Method of Detecting Leakage from Geologic Formations Used to Sequester CO2 7,704,746
new02/2011 Capacitance Probe for Detection of Anomalies in Nonmetallic Plastic Pipe 7,839,282
new12/2010 High Speed Particle Image Velocimetry 8,391,552
new08/2010 Ionization Based Multi-directional Flow Sensor 7,523,673
new08/2010 Real-Time Combustion Control and Diagnostics Sensor-Pressure Oscillation Monitor 7,559,234; 7,927,095
new08/2010 Laser Spark Distribution and Ignition System 7,421,166