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Environmental Control

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This portfolio includes technologies related to and involving methods and materials that help to manage environmental control mechanisms, providing cleaner power generation systems.

  • Synthesis, purification, and basic characterization of organic substances, including polymers and ionic liquids.
  • Fabrication of substances into separations materials including solid sorbents, mixed matrix, hollow fiber, and supported liquid membranes.
  • Advanced power generation and energy conversion technologies to develop advanced concepts and control strategies for combustion-based and non-combustion energy conversion systems.
  • Aerothermodynamics and heat transfer principles to develop and evaluate advanced methods to minimize kinetic fluid losses and maximize thermal management performance and energy extraction capabilities.
  • Systems and methods to detect and separate gases and other species such as mercury (Hg) and carbon dioxide (CO2)
Month Posted Partnership Opportunity Patent Information
new09/2018 Regenerable Non-Aqueous Basic Immobilized Amine Slurries for Removal of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from a Gaseous Mixture U.S. Patent Pending
new07/2018 Laser Ignition Technology U.S. Patent Pending
new05/2018 Efficient Processes for the Conversion of Methane to Syngas U.S. Patent Pending
new02/2018 Blended Polymer for Gas Separation Membranes U.S. Patent Pending
new12/2017 Hydrophobic Carbon Capture Solvent U.S. Patent Pending
new11/2017 Stable Immobilized Amine Sorbents for the De-Coloration of Waste Waters U.S. Patent Pending
new07/2017 Method for Exhaust Cleanup from Combustion Processes Using Mixed-Metal Oxide Based Catalysts U.S. Patent Pending
new07/2017 Polymeric Sorbent for Use in CO2 Capture and Separation U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2017 Recovery of Metals from Petroleum Waste Byproducts U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2017 Simplified, Cost Effective Process for Extracting Lithium from Natural Brines U.S. Patent Pending
new03/2017 Slag Management Toolset for Improved Gasifier Performance Patent Pending
new11/2016 Application of Immobilized Amine Sorbents for Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Aqueous Systems U.S. Patent Pending
new08/2016 Portable Luminescence-Based Sensor for Rare Earth Element Detection U.S. Patent Pending
new05/2016 Pelletized Basic Amine Sorbents Using Fly Ash and Polymer Binders 8,834,822; 8,500,854; U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2015 Selective Hydrogen Monitoring Using Nanoparticle-Based Functional Sensors U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2015 Method For Synthesis of Poly (Ionic Liquid) Block Copolymers for Gas Separation U.S. Patent Pending
new02/2015 Hydrophobic Solvent for CO2 Capture Simplifies Gasification Process Patent Issued
new09/2014 Plasmonic Heating for Catalytic Co2 Conversion and Utilization U.S. Patent Pending
new03/2014 Thin Ionic Liquid Film Deposition within Porous Substrates 9,186,854; U.S. Patent Pending
new01/2014 Hybrid Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture U.S. Patent Pending
new08/2013 Separation of CO2 From Multi-Component Gas Streams 8,771,401
new05/2013 Spheroid-Encapsulated Ionic Liquids for Gas Separation 9,050,579
new05/2013 Pyrochlore-Based Catalysts for Syngas-Derived Alcohol Synthesis 9,150,476; 9,598,644
new05/2013 Constant Pressure High Throughput Membrane Permeation Testing System 8,821,614
new11/2012 Distributed Optical Sensor for CO2 Leak Detection 8,786,840
new10/2012 Catalytic Coal Gasification Process for the Production of Methane-Rich Syngas 8,920,526; 9,562,203
new10/2012 Radial Flow Pulse Jet Mixer 8,469,583
new10/2012 Visible Light Photoreduction of CO2 Using Heterostructured Catalysts 8,986,511
new04/2012 Method for Enhancing Selectivity and Recovery in the Fractional Flotation of Flotation Column Particles 7,992,718
new03/2012 A Unique Split Laser System for Environmental Monitoring 7,421,166; 8,786,840; 8,934,511; 9,297,696; 9,548,585
new03/2012 Electrically Distributed Optically Pumped Laser Spark Plug and Ignition System 8,934,511
new01/2012 Thief Carbon Catalyst for Oxidation of Mercury in Effluent Stream 8,071,500
new12/2011 Method for Regeneration of Immobilized Amine Sorbents for Use in CO2 Capture (the BIAS Process) 8,500,854
new12/2011 Regenerable Immobilized Aminosilane Sorbents for Carbon Dioxide Capture 8,834,822
new09/2011 Lean Blowoff Detection Sensor 7,197,880
new06/2011 Multi-component Removal in Flue Gas by Aqua Ammonia 7,255,842
new06/2011 Rapid Gas Hydrate Formation Process 8,354,565
new06/2011 High Capacity Immobilized Amine Sorbents 7,288,136
new05/2011 Solid Sorbents for Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Streams at Low Temperatures 6,908,497
new04/2011 Method for Sequestering Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide Utilizing a Plurality of Waste Streams 7,922,792
new03/2011 CO2 Separation from Low-Temperature Flue Gases 7,842,126
new03/2011 Method of Detecting Leakage from Geologic Formations Used to Sequester CO2 7,704,746
new03/2011 Thermal Barrier Coating System 7,740,948; U.S. Patent Pending
new10/2010 Catalysts for Oxidation of Mercury in Flue Gas 7,776,780
new08/2010 Real-Time Combustion Control and Diagnostics Sensor-Pressure Oscillation Monitor 7,559,234; 7,927,095
new08/2010 Mercury Sorbent Delivery System for Flue Gas 7,494,632
new08/2010 Piezoelectric Axial Flow Microvalve 7,159,841
new08/2010 Laser Spark Distribution and Ignition System 7,421,166
new08/2010 Regenerable Sorbents for CO2 Capture from Moderate and High Temperature Gas Streams 7,314,847