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Combustion Technology & Fuel Cells

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This portfolio includes technologies related to and involving:

  • Prototypes of advanced multiphase reactor concepts and designs, including the areas of hydrodynamics and kinetics as well as reactor and process development.
  • Fuel cells
  • Single-source and hybrid power systems employing fossil and non-fossil energy sources.
  • Alternative ignition systems for combustion engines.
Month Posted Partnership Opportunity Patent Information
new08/2018 Efficient Process for Converting Methane to Syngas U.S. Patent Pending
new08/2018 Producing Hydrogen from Coal Via Catalytic/Chemical Looping Processes U.S. Patent Pending
new06/2018 Novel Tri-Metallic Ferrite Oxygen Carriers Enhance Chemical Looping Combustion 9,797,594
new04/2018 System for Enhanced Chemical Reaction, Dissociation, or Separation by Electrostatic/Microwave and/or Radio Frequency Controlled Resonant Electron Interaction U.S. Patent Pending
new12/2017 Conducting Metal Oxides Integrated With Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) Sensors For Use In Harsh Environments U.S. Patent Pending
new11/2017 Spouted Bed Reactor for the Fluidization of Fine Particles U.S. Patent Pending
new10/2017 High-Temperature Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Patent Pending
new04/2017 Integration of Thermal Energy Storage into Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2017 Recovery of Metals from Petroleum Waste Byproducts U.S. Patent Pending
new04/2017 Simplified, Cost Effective Process for Extracting Lithium from Natural Brines U.S. Patent Pending
new07/2015 Single Step Electrode Infiltration Process U.S. Patent Pending
new05/2015 Oxygen Separation Using Magnetic Membranes 9,636,631
new04/2015 Allyl-Containing Ionic Liquid Solvents for Co2 Capture 9,975,080
new04/2015 Triazolide-Based Ionic Liquid Solvents for Use in CO2 Capture U.S. Patent Pending
new01/2015 Novel High-Entropy Alloys for High Temperature Applications U.S. Patent Pending
new01/2015 Tunable Nanocomposite Alloys for Magnetic Field Sensing U.S. Patent Pending
new01/2015 Novel Bi-metallic Oxygen Carriers for Use in Chemical Looping Combustion 9,557,053; 10,030,204
new01/2015 Method for Determining Solids Circulation Rate 8,116,992
new05/2013 Pyrochlore-Based Catalysts for Syngas-Derived Alcohol Synthesis 9,150,476; 9,598,644
new05/2013 Control of Slag Chemistry for the Reduction of Viscosity and Refractory Corrosion 8,703,021
new05/2013 Novel Reactor Design for Solid Fuel Chemical Looping Combustion U.S. Patent Pending
new03/2013 Metal Oxide Promoters for Improving the Reactivity and Capacity of Oxygen Carriers for the Chemical Looping Combustion Process 8,807,988
new01/2013 Nano-Structured Nobel Metal Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Reforming U.S. Patent Pending
new12/2012 Regenerable Mixed Copper-Iron-Inert Support Oxygen Carriers for Solid Fuel Chemical Looping Combustion Process 9,523,499
new10/2012 Chemical Looping Air Separation Unit and Methods of Use U.S. Patent Pending
new10/2012 Fuel Cell-Fuel Cell Hybrid System 6,623,880
new10/2012 Catalytic Coal Gasification Process for the Production of Methane-Rich Syngas 8,920,526; 9,562,203
new06/2012 Methods of Reforming Hydrocarbon Fuels Using Hexaaluminate Catalysts 8,142,756
new04/2012 Method for Enhancing Selectivity and Recovery in the Fractional Flotation of Flotation Column Particles 7,992,718
new03/2012 A Unique Split Laser System for Environmental Monitoring 7,421,166; 8,786,840; 8,934,511; 9,297,696; 9,548,585
new03/2012 Electrically Distributed Optically Pumped Laser Spark Plug and Ignition System 8,934,511
new06/2011 Rapid Gas Hydrate Formation Process 8,354,565
new03/2011 Thermal Barrier Coating System 7,740,948; U.S. Patent Pending
new08/2010 Real-Time Combustion Control and Diagnostics Sensor-Pressure Oscillation Monitor 7,559,234; 7,927,095
new08/2010 Piezoelectric Axial Flow Microvalve 7,159,841
new08/2010 Laser Spark Distribution and Ignition System 7,421,166