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7,007,474  Energy Recovery During Expansion of Compressed Gas Using Power Plant Low-Quality Heat Sources
6,994,930  Direct Fired Reciprocating Engine and Bottoming High Temperature Fuel Cell Hybrid
6,981,516  Fail Save Shut Off Valve for Filtering Systems Employing Candle Filters
6,267,849  Method for the Photocatalytic Conversion of Gas Hydrates
6,959,589  Ultrasound Analysis of Slurries
6,793,910 Process to Accomplish Autothermal or Steam Reforming Via a Reciprocating Compression Device
6,672,725  Transpiration Purged Optical Probe
6,670,608  Gas Sampling System for a Mass Spectrometer
6,635,375  Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with Staged Indirect-Internal Air and Fuel Preheating and Reformation
6,630,116  Method to Remove Ammonia Using a Proton-Conducting Ceramic Membrane
6,033,794  Multi-Stage Fuel Cell System Method and Apparatus
5,948,722  Method for Producing Iron-Based Catalysts
5,387,275  Process for Removing Copper in a Recoverable Form From Solid Scrap Metal
6,498,282  Method for Processing Aluminum Spent Potliner in a Graphite Electrode ARC Furnace
6,475,310  Oxidation Resistant Alloys, Method for Producing Oxidation Resistant Alloys
6,387,337  Carbon Dioxide Capture Process with Regenerable Sorbents
6,342,102  Apparatus and Method for Increasing the Diameter of Metal Alloy Wires Within a Molten Metal Pool
5,809,769  Control of Oscillation Attenuation Via the Control of Fuel-Supply Line Dynamics
5,791,889  Combustor Oscillating Pressure Stabilization and Method
5,728,953  Cable Load Sensing Device
5,104,520  Apparatus and Method for Separating Constituents
5,061,363  Method for Co-Processing Waste Rubber and Carbonaceous Material
5,022,892  Fine Coal Cleaning Via the Micro-Mag Process
5,020,457  Destruction of Acid Gas Emissions
4,867,868  Selective Flotation of Inorganic Sulfides from Coal
4,775,387  Sulfur Removal and Comminution of Carbonaceous Material
4,769,504  Process for Converting Light Alkanes to Higher Hydrocarbons
4,769,045  Method of Desulfurization of Hot Product Gases from Coal Gasifier
4,696,680  Method and Apparatus for the Selective Separation of Gaseous Coal Gasification Products by Pressure Swing Adsorption
4,695,372  Conditioning of Carbonaceous Material Prior to Physical Beneficiation
4,667,097  Compensated Vibrating Optical Fiber Pressure Measuring Device
4,587,113  Removal of Sulfur and Nitrogen Containing Pollutants from Discharge Gases
4,526,272  Laterally Bendable Belt Conveyor
4,523,465  Wireless Remote Liquid Level Detector and Indicator for Well Testing
4,466,747  Ash Level Meter for a Fixed-Bed Coal Gasifier
4,466,360  Loop-Bed Combustion Apparatus
4,465,135  Fire Flood Method for Recovering Petroleum from Oil Reservoirs of Low Permeability and Temperature
4,451,826  Single Transmission Line Data Acquisition System
4,447,297  Combined Fluidized Bed Retort and Combustor