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NETL Regional Workforce Initiative (NETL RWFI)
Webinar Announcement: 

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NETL R-AME Innovation Webinar

Thursday, December 2nd 1-2:30 PM ET

NETL RWFI will have the next meeting of the Regional Advanced Manufacturing and Energy (R-AME) Innovation group on Thursday, December 2nd, from 1-2:30pm. Register by clicking here today!

We look forward to another great discussion on how we can promote and catalyze a regional manufacturing and energy innovation ecosystem. The initial agenda is below. We will have speakers and presentations from Catalyst Connection, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), Neighborhood 91 and Agile/TroniX3D speaking about how we market and tell a regional story, opportunities in regional collaborative efforts, and successes in innovation and commercialization. We will also have ARC participating and speaking about their newly released strategic plan.

NETL R-AME Draft Agenda (Subject to change)

  1. NETL RWFI / R-AME (10 Min) – Anthony Armaly
    • Review of last meeting
    • Review specific items related to engaging with the NETL and Federal Resources
    • Identification and background on funding opportunities
  2. Catalyst Connection – Petra Mitchell (15 Min)
    • Updates
    • How do we brand and market the region more effectively?
  3. Agile/TroniX 3D - Buck Helfferich (15 Min)
    • Background of collaborative efforts with NETL
    • Updates on status of acquisition and merger
    • Discussion of their model of community college and industry collaboration
  4. Neighborhood 91 Updates (15 min) - John Barnes
    • Updates and review
    • How do we brand the region around additive manufacturing?
  5. ARC and POWER or ARC and Strategic Plan with respect to manufacturing and innovation (15 min) – Kinsey Walker & Braedon Koerwitz
    • Review of POWER program and goals
    • Review of ARC strategic plan with respect to innovation, energy, and manufacturing
  6. Next Steps (15 min)