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NETL Regional Workforce Initiative Webinar
Report Briefing- Ethane Storage and Distribution Hub in the United States

Potential in Appalachia for the development of a new ethane storage hub
Thursday, September 12th 11 AM-12 PM


You’ve heard a lot about ethane storage and the potential for a new distribution and storage hub, but what is it and what could it potentially mean for the US and for the Appalachian region? This webinar will present key findings from a 2018 report on ethane storage and distribution in the US which also included an analysis of the Appalachian region.

Large hubs for natural gas liquids (NGL), including ethane, are established in the United States, but the boom in crude oil and natural gas production from shale formations across the U.S. has transformed global energy markets and may present opportunities for industry to establish additional hubs. This significant increase in production has made the U.S. the largest combined crude oil and natural gas producer in the world. In addition to these crude oil and natural gas resources, several of the shale plays provide valuable resources in the form of NGLs, including ethane, which are separated from raw natural gas stream at natural gas processing plants. These natural gas plant liquids (NGPL), and especially ethane, are key feedstocks for the petrochemical industry, used to produce compounds for making plastics and resins. This analysis considered projected trends in ethane production over the coming decades, where changes in ethane production are projected to occur, the location and capacity of established ethane storage hubs in North America, and natural gas liquids pipelines, among other things. The analysis focused on identifying where significant growth in ethane production is projected and established ethane hubs do not exist, like the Appalachia region.

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Topics Covered:

  • What is ethane storage and how does it work?
  • Key findings from the analysis of regional and national ethane storage hub infrastructure
  • Workforce effects of ethane storage and manufacturing

Tentative Agenda:

  1. Introduction to NETL and NETL RWFI – Anthony Armaly; RWFI Federal Coordinator
  2. Ethane Storage Report Briefing – Justin Adder; Economist; Energy Markets Analysis Team

What you will learn:
Participants will learn the basics of ethane storage and distribution and downstream manufacturing related activity, while also learning more about the key findings of analysis conducted that found that the Appalachian region has significant potential for maintaining a ethane storage hub.