Nicholas Siefert

Dr. Nicholas Siefert came to NETL in 2008, and currently serves as a Research Mechanical Engineer, conducting techno-economic analyses of fossil-fueled power plants incorporating CO2 capture technologies. His work is aimed at determining the economic benefits of advanced CO2 capture materials being developed within NETL’s Functional Materials Development Division. Siefert’s detailed analyses help guide NETL’s in-house development of cost effective CO2 capture technologies. A recent analysis has shown that high mass density—holding all other variables the same—is an important attribute for a physical solvent for precombustion CO2 capture.

According to Siefert “the ultimate goal of my work is to help ORD’s material scientists in their development efforts of  new membranes, solvents, and sorbents so that we can lower the cost of producing electricity from integrated gasification combine cycle power plants with CO2 capture.” Out of NETL, Siefert serves as a part-time Instructor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches a Power Plant Design class. He uploads videos of his lectures to YouTube so that people across the globe can have access to them.