kelly rose

Renaissance woman Kelly Rose fulfills many roles at NETL. She is a research scientist, lead for the Geology & Geospatial Team, Technical Coordinator for Offshore Energy Resources Research Portfolio, coordinator and systems integrator for NETL’s EDX (Energy Data eXchange), and a member of NETL’s SFIRE group (Synergistic Fossil Integration for Renewable Energy). Outside of NETL, she serves on advisory committees including the United Nations Environmental Programme’s global outlook on methane gas hydrates. Her research is focused on developing innovative ways to support geoscience data handling, interpretation and analysis. 

As a mentor and advisor, Kelly has had a positive impact on many early career scientists in a broad range of disciplines including geology, geophysics, geography, geospatial analysis, geochemistry, microbiology, applied mathematics, and geosystems modeling. Since 2007, Kelly has shared her expertise and insight with more than 34 undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellows who were supported through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education Fellowship and the Mickey Leland Fellowship. In her free time, Kelly plays clarinet with the Willamette Valley Symphony.