evan granite

Evan Granite is an NETL research chemical engineer who serves as the technical portfolio lead for NETL’s in-house research on rare earth detection and recovery. Rare earth elements are used in many consumer products such as fluorescent lighting, computers, and cell phones, as well as being important components of catalysts, sorbents, magnets, and defense systems. Granite’s research projects encompass the capture of mercury, arsenic, selenium, and phosphorus from coal-derived flue and fuel gases; the separation of oxygen and carbon dioxide from flue gases and air; and the characterization and recovery of rare earth elements from coal-derived materials.

Granite has found tech transfer, the licensing of his research products, to be one of the most tangibly rewarding elements of his job. Yet, he doesn’t undervalue the importance of working with the talented scientists in his lab, “The best part of working at NETL are the daily interactions I have with my colleagues.” Granite also recognizes the importance of STEM education and supports educational efforts in his community, giving hands-on science demonstrations on topics as diverse as triboluminescence to triangulation to local girl scouts troops.