dushyant shekhawat

Since 2001, NETL chemical engineer Dr. Dushyant Shekhawat has been investigating innovative ways to use fossil energy resources and exploring catalytic issues associated with fossil fuel applications. Working in NETL’s Fuels Processing Laboratory, Dr. Shekhawat explores applications such as reaction engineering; surface chemistry; heterogeneous catalysis; energy, fuel cell, plasma and microwave-assisted catalytic reactions; and plasma chemistry. Currently Dr. Shekhawat is developing technologies and approaches to produce value-added fuels and chemicals from natural gas, higher hydrocarbon fuels, and coal. Dr. Shekhawat was among the key contributors to pyrochlore-based reforming catalyst, which was licensed to a spin-off company, Pyrochem Catalyst Company.

Dr. Shekhawat credits meaningful collaboration as an NETL perk: “The most enjoyable part of my job is interacting with highly knowledgeable and experienced researchers and seeing the results from my team published, patented, and transferred into the commercial market. As a researcher, NETL has provided me a fertile area to grow.” Outside of his many lab activities, Dr. Shekhawat enjoys a broad range of interests including watching sports and working on his house and cars.