Douglas Kauffman

NETL Research Chemist Dr. Douglas Kauffman creates and evaluates new nanocatalyst materials for clean energy applications. By coupling catalyst performance with optical, electrochemical, and computational studies, Kauffman is developing important relationships between the physical and electronic structure of materials and their catalytic activity. Kauffman was one of the first researchers to demonstrate the extraordinary catalytic activity of small gold nanoparticles for electrochemical CO2 conversion, and his approach has been widely adopted within the scientific community.

Kauffman’s most recent invention harnesses the power of sunlight and the glamour of gold nanoparticles to convert CO2 into useful chemicals and fuels. His work supports a brighter environmental future by incorporating renewable resources like solar energy into CO2 reactors. “What’s exciting about this work,” Kauffman explains, “is its potential not only to mitigate the environmental impacts of CO2, but also to provide new and innovative energy sources that will benefit the public through lower energy costs.” Kauffman is also dedicated to mentoring undergraduate and graduate student researchers at the NETL. These opportunities allow students to conduct cutting edge research in a national laboratory setting and they help train our country’s next generation of scientists and engineers. In his free time Kaufmann likes to work on old motorcycles, go camping, and travel the country with his wife.