David Hopkinson

Dr. David Hopkinson joined the National Energy Technology Laboratory in 2010, serving as the team lead for the Separations Materials Team and the technical portfolio lead for the Carbon Capture Field Work Proposal (FWP). Under the Carbon Capture FWP, Hopkinson and his team are developing innovative new solvent, sorbent, and membrane materials for the separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas in fossil fueled power plants. His ultimate goal is to prove the effectiveness of these materials at a power plant.

In 2015, Hopkinson and his team began building a test rig that is designed to measure the permeability of membranes using a slipstream of actual flue gas. The test rig should be installed at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, Alabama in late 2015. The first tests will be on hollow fiber mixed-matrix membrane materials that were developed in-house at NETL. These membranes are composed of a high selectivity polymer matrix with inorganic filler particles that have enhanced gas permeability compared with conventional all-polymer membranes. Outside of NETL, Hopkinson enjoys backpacking and long distance trail running. He is also the president of the Coopers Rock Foundation, a non-profit volunteer organization that is dedicated to service and preservation at Coopers Rock State Forest in West Virginia.