circe verba

NETL Research Geologist Dr. Circe Verba bridges the gap between geochemistry and civil engineering to better understand geochemical and microstructural changes in reservoir rocks and wellbores. Verba’s primary focus includes examining wellbore integrity in relationship to cement type, formation lithologies, and fluid interactions in carbon storage settings and oil-gas shale in unconventional systems. She specializes in electron microscopy and petrography.

Outside of her research, Verba is a LEGO brick buff, even designing her own set featuring field geology and a petrographic laboratory, including a scanning electron microscope. “I wanted to develop a LEGO set that would expose children to careers in geology and entice others, particularly women, to consider a math and sciences career path,” she said. Verba also acts as a mentor for ORISE and Mickey Leland interns at NETL, and she presents at local science-oriented events.