Chad Rowan

Chad Rowan joined NETL in the fall of 2011 to organize data and help brainstorm for the product that would one day become the Energy Data eXchange, or EDX. He joined the EDX project at its inception and has been a leader in its development ever since. His specialized background in GIS and geospatial analysis—fields that gave him a thorough grounding in data management, storing, and analysis—has been a strong asset for EDX.

As the EDX Operations Manager, Chad assists others in discovering and navigating the unique abilities that EDX offers researchers. His responsibilities encompass creating new user accounts and giving demonstrations of the platform and its many capabilities. The most important—and most rewarding— role he fills is as EDX liaison between the product’s users and its developers, or, as Chad described it, “between the researchers and the IT guys.” EDX is a living creation that adapts to meet the needs of its users, so the role of liaison is essential. “I take what the researchers want and package it so the developers can work with it,” Chad said. “It’s rewarding to be able to build tools that directly facilitate researchers’ needs.”