Barbara Kutchko

Dr. Barbara Kutchko joined NETL in 2004, and now works as a senior research scientist performing groundbreaking investigative research on foamed cement systems at in-situ wellbore conditions. Although her primary research focus is oil and gas wellbore integrity, Kutchko works to mitigate the environmental impacts associated with deepwater offshore drilling. She supports the development of environmentally and socially sustainable shale resources by serving as the Team Leader for the Shale Energy Resources Alliance (SERA).

Kutchko’s research has informed federal policy and increased scientific understanding of the chemical reactions that occur in geological formations under carbon sequestration conditions. She has been recognized with a Federal Executive Board award for her outstanding contributions to science. In addition to her dedication to science, she volunteers in her spare time as a walker and horse leader for In-Stride with Therapeutic Riding, Inc., an organization that provides horseback riding with therapeutic benefits to children and adults with disabilities and special needs.