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For any of the LCA softwares, we want to ensure that we’re able to review the models exactly as the applicant or third-party analysts have constructed and used them for LCA results. To this end, an entire database export is preferred, as that reduces the chances for missing data or processing steps required by NETL. For example, if the LCA model is prepared in openLCA, we would prefer the model be submitted as a database backup (i.e., .zolca file). Some other examples are: Sphera GaBi (.gcd) and SimaPro (.SPBackup). Models based in non-LCA software should also submit a CO2U LCA Documentation Spreadsheet for clarity.

Upon completion of an LCA, vendors must fill out the submission form at Within 2 business days, the organization point of contact will be emailed instructions to submitting the LCA, TEA, and Community Benefits Plan files (if applicable) to a secure file sharing site. Once these files have been uploaded, we will respond within a maximum of 2 weeks with either confirmation that all information necessary for review has been received or a request for more detail. After receipt of all necessary information, we will respond with a completed review within a maximum of 60 days. If the LCA does not meet UPGrants LCA standards, the vendor can re-submit changes and we will prioritize the re-submission to ensure fast feedback and work with vendors to receive an LCA sufficient to determine the qualification status.

Eligible entities can only receive grants to procure items from vendors with a qualified LCA. Therefore, the vendor who is expected to sell products to the eligible entities must submit an LCA to be qualified. If the vendor operating the carbon conversion process has, is, or will also submit an LCA for approval, this vendor and their LCA can be referenced in the submission of the “downstream” vendor. We will not provide information on the status or content of any other vendor’s LCA. However, vendors with an existing business relationship are free to coordinate information that is applicable to multiple LCA submissions and notify NETL of information they know to be redundant to assist a faster review process.

If you have any further questions, please email

Eligible entities with questions on the FOA should email