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2024 NETL Resource Sustainability Project Review Meeting - Environmentally Prudent Stewardship - PROCEEDINGS


Improving Production in the Emerging Paradox Unconventional Play (FE0031775)
Brian McPherson and Eric Edelman, University of Utah

Field Evaluation of the Caney Shale as an Emerging Unconventional Play, Southern Oklahoma (FE0031776)
Jim Puckette and Mileva Radonjic, Oklahoma State University

Unlocking the Tight Oil Reservoirs of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming (FE0031779)
Eric Robertson, Enhanced Oil Recovery/University of Wyoming

Field Pilot Test of Foam-Assisted Hydrocarbon Gas Injection in Bakken Formations (FE0031787)
Keerti Vardhan Sharma, University of Wyoming and Kaveh Ahmadi, Hess Corporation

Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery Improvement in Conventional Fields Using Rich Gas (FE0031789)
Steve Smith, Energy and Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota (UNDEERC)

Engineered Water for Improvement of Oil Recovery from Fractured Reservoirs (FE0031791)
Manmath Panda, Kinder Morgan Inc.

Improving Enhanced Oil Recovery Performance Through Data Analytics and Next-Generation Controllable Completions (FE0031790)
Trevor Richards, Energy & Environmemntal Research Center University of North Dakota

Project Update: Chemically Enabled CO2-EOR in Multi-Porosity, Hydrothermally Altered Carbonates, Southern Michigan Basin (FE0031792)
Aubrey Collie, Battelle Memorial Institute

Environmentally Prudent Stewardship (FWP-1025020)
Eilis Rosenbaum, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
Task 24 Eilis Rosenbaum “Well integrity and Improved plugging”
Task 25 Kara Tinker, Leidos “Monitoring Aging Infrastructure and Well-to-Well Communication to Reduce Environmental Impacts”
Task 25.2 Richard Hammack, National Energy Technology Laboratory “Use of Strain Signature to Prevent Well to Well Communication”
Task 30 Angela Goodman, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) “EOR in Shale Resources”