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2024 NETL Resource Sustainability Project Review Meeting - Carbon Ore Processing - PROCEEDINGS


Panel: Commercialization of Carbon Ore Processing Technologies
Joseph Stoffa
Panel Members: Daniel Connell, Consol Energy; Bill Easter, Semplastics; Randy Atkins, Ramaco

Beyond Combustion – Coal in the 21st Century
Evan J. Granite, U.S. Department of Energy

Coal-to-Products Activities at ORNL's Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (FWP-FEAA155, FWP-FEAA157 and FWP-FEA302)
Edgar Lara-Curzio, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Graphene-Based Carbon Electrode Material for Improving the Performance of Supercapacitors (FWP-1022432)
Viet Pham, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

C4Ward@Scale: Scaled-Up Coal Conversion for Carbon Fibers and Graphite (FE0032313)
Matthew Weisenberger, University of Kentucky Center for Applied Research

Utilization of Carbon Supply Chain Wastes and Byproducts to Manufacture Graphite for Energy Storage Applications (FE0032144)
Jason Trembly, Ohio University

Low-Temperature Production of Battery Grade Graphite from Coal with Recovery and Reuse of the Catalyst (FWP-1022432)
Ki-Joong Kim, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

Lignite-Derived Carbon Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes (FE0031984)
Xiaodong Hou, University of North Dakota

Advanced Processing of Coal and Waste Coal to Produce Graphite for Fast-Charging Lithium Ion Battery Anode (FE0032139)
Alexander Azenkeng, University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) and Xiaodong Hou, University of North Dakota Energy Institute for Energy Studies

Coal to Carbon Fiber (C2CF): Continuous Processing for High Value Composites (FE0031796)
Matthew Weisenberger, University of Kentucky, Center for Applied Energy Research


Utilizing Coal-Derived Solid Carbon Materials Towards Next-Generation Smart and Multifunction Pavements (FE0031983)
Hongyu Zhou, The University of Tennessee

Environmentally Friendly Use of Carbon Ore for Advanced Building Materials for Homes and Commercial Buildings (FE0031985)
Bill Easter, X-MAT CCC and Bruce Mutter, CART

Development of Novel Sintered Carbon-Ore Building Materials (FE0032083)
Matt Fuka, Microbeam Technologies, Inc.

Molded Graphite Products Synthesized from Waste-Coal (FE0032141)
Dwayne Morgan, Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.

Fused Deposition Modeling Additive Manufacturing of Carbonized Structures Via Waste-Enhanced Filaments (FE0032143)
Yahya Al-Majali, Ohio University

Coal-Waste-Enhanced Filaments for Additive Manufacturing of High-Temperature Plastics and Ceramic Composites (FE0032145)
Walter Sherwood, Semplastics

Coal-Enhanced Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Filament Production for Additive Manufacturing in Industrial Services (FE0032146)
Lakshmi Vendra, Baker Hughes and Patrick Johnson, University of Wyoming

Lab-Scale Production of Particle Bonded Filaments with High-Loading Coal-Derived Carbon (FE0032147)
Kelvin Fu, University of Delaware

Development of Coal-Based Supercapacitor Materials for Energy Storage (FE0032283)
Seyed Dastgheib, University of Illinois

Electrochemical Coal to 2-Dimensional Materials (e-Coal2D) Process to Enable Renewable Energy Storage (FE0032275)
John Staser, Ohio University


Spray Deposition of Coal-Derived Graphene-Copper Nanocomposites for Advanced Conductors (FE0032273)
Jiahong Zhu, Tennessee Technological University

Ultra-Conductive Carbon Metal Composite Wire for Electric Motors (FE0032277)
Yahya Al-Majali, Ohio University

Lab-Scale Additive Manufacturing of Coal-Derived Carbon-Metal Composites for High-Performance Heat Sinks (FE0032280)
Kelvin Fu, University of Delaware

Coal-Derived Graphene Materials for Industrial Applications (FE0032274)
Patrick A. Johnson, Iowa State University

Conversion of Coal to Li-Ion Battery Grade "Potato" Graphite (FE0031797)
Michael J. Wagner, The George Washington University