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2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting - POSTERS

Student Poster Presentations (All Program Areas)

Ternary Alloy Membranes to Produce Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen from Biomass-Gasification Exhaust (FE0032205) (Gasification Systems)
Mohamed Ali Elharati, Clarkson University

Hydrogen Production through Biomass Gasification: A Kinetic Modeling and Process Intensification Study (FE0032178) (Gasification Systems)
Shubham Sunil Sharma, Washington University in St. Louis

Investigating the Effects of Particle Size on Flow Properties and Feedstock Blends on Syngas Composition and Contaminants (FE0032214) (Gasification Systems)
Sagar Kafle and Edith Laure Yonguep Ngoupeyou, Auburn University

Accelerated Discovery and Air Electrodes for Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Cells by High-Throughput Computing (FE0032115) (Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells)
Xueyu Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology

High-Speed and High-Quality Field Welding Repair Based on Advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation and Numerical Modeling (FE0032067) (Advanced Energy Materials)
Obinna C. Onwuama and Aryan Aryan, The Ohio State University

Ceramic Matrix Composites for H2 Combustion (FE0032228) (Advanced Energy Materials)
Christopher Varela, University of Central Florida

Technoeconomic Analysis on Biogas Utilization in Refuse Power Plants (FE0032194) (University Training & Research)
Marco Hernandez, University of North Dakota

Advancing the Entrained Flow Gasification of Waste Materials and Biomass for Hydrogen Production (FE0032175) (Gasification Systems)
Logan Hughey, University of Utah

Integration of LIBS with Machine Learning for Real-Time Monitoring of Feedstock in H2 Gasification Applications (FE0032177) (Sensors & Controls)
Gabriel Bonsall, Lehigh University - Energy Research Center

Gasification Systems

Multifunctional Tunable Containment Filter for Clean Hydrogen Production (SC0024007)
Jian J. Zou, Zenith Purification LLC

CO2 Sorption Capacity and Cyclic Performance of Quicklime (CaO): Effects of Temperature, Steam, and Syngas (CO & H2) Addition During Carbonation (FE0032174)
Sayed Abu Sufyan, University of Utah

Dechlorination of Mixed-Plastics Feedstocks with Low Temperature Pyrolysis for Downstream Gasification and Hydrogen Production (SC0023858)
Shuchita Patwardhan, Microbeam Technologies Inc.

Removing Chlorine from Plastic using Thermochemical Pretreatment (SC0023736)
Luke Walker, Mainstream Engineering Corporation

An Advanced Modular Redox Air Separation System for Cost Effective, Net Zero Hydrogen Production (FE0032355)
Kevser (Hilal) Bektas, North Carolina State University

A Concept of Decentralized Hydrogen Resilience (FE0032237)
Sumit Chanda, Afsana Itul and Arely Avitia, Aerospace Center, University of Texas at El Paso

Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Cation Migration and LSCF Decomposition Related to Long Term Operation Mode as Revealed by Electron Microscopy (FWP-1022411)
Yoosuf N. Picard, NETL Support Contractor

In-House Developed Multiphysics Simulation for the Performance of Solid Oxide Cells (SOCs) (FWP-1022411)
Jian Liu, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Defect Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of Perovskite and Fluorite Materials for Solid-Oxide and Proton Conducting Oxide Cells Evaluated Based on Density Functional Theory Modeling (FWP-1022411)
Yueh-Lin Lee, NETL Support Contractor

Pathway Study for Large-Scale Hydrogen Production from Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Technology (FE0025912)
Kyle Bucheit and Alex Noring, NETL Support Contractors

Modeling Ni Coarsening under Humid Atmosphere in Electrode of Solid Oxide Cells (FWP-1022411)
Yves Mantz, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Objective Evaluation of the Engineering Performance of Stationary Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Systems Based on Measured, Time-Dependent Data (FE0031978)
Whitney G. Colella, Gaia Energy Research Institute

Harnessing High-throughput Computational Methods to Accelerate the Discovery of Proton Conductors for High-Performance PCECs (FE0032115)
Zheyu Luo, Georgia Institute of Technology

Improving Durability and Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolyzers by Controlling Surface Composition on Oxygen Electrodes (FE0032102)
Bill Liu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advanced Energy Materials

Location-Specific Microstructure and Properties of Haynes 282 with Laser-wire DED Processing (FWP-1022406)
Chantal Sudbrack, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Design Tool for Crack-Resistant Ceramic Matrix Composites and Environmental Barrier Coatings in Hydrogen-Fueled Gas Turbines (FWP-1022406)
Richard Oleksak, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Predicting Oxidation Behavior of Ni-Based Superalloys with Physics-Informed Machine Learning (FWP-1022406)
William Trehern, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Improvement of Haynes ®282® Alloy Design for Increased Performance at Higher Temperatures (MYRP-1025034)
Martin Detrois, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Improvement of P92 Creep Properties for Increased Performance at Higher Temperatures (MYRP-1025034)
Stoichko Antonov, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Sensors & Controls

Distributed Temperature Profiles of Silicon Carbide Catalyst Bed in a Microwave Reactor using Fiber-Optic Sensor (FWP-1022427)
Juddha Thapa, NETL Support Contractor

Theoretical Screening and Design of Sensing Materials for Harsh Environment Applications (FWP-1022427)
Yuhua Duan, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Quantum Sensing for Energy Applications (FWP-102456 Task 087)
Hari Paudel, NETL Support Contractor

Towards AI-Enabled Autonomy of Robotic Inspection Platforms for Sustainability of Energy Infrastructure (FE0032196)
MD Sazzad Hossen, University of Alabama in Huntsville and Atik Faysal, Rowan University

Advanced Turbines

Ammonia Combustor Development for Zero-Carbon Power (FE0032169)
Lance Smith, RTX Technology Research Center