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2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting - Sensors & Controls - PROCEEDINGS


Integration of LIBS with Machine Learning for Real-Time Monitoring of Feedstock in H2 Gasification Applications (FE0032177)
Zheng Yao, Lehigh University

An Autonomous Robotic Inspection System for Coal Ash and Tailings Storage Facilities (FE0032206)
Guilherme Augusto Silva Pereira, West Virginia University (WVU)

Multiplex and Distributed Fiber Sensors for High-Temperature Harsh Environment's Physical and Chemical Sensing: from Fundamental Research to Field Deployment (FE0032210)
Kehao Zhao, University of Pittsburgh


Advanced Sensors and Controls for Hydrogen with Carbon Management Applications (FWP-1022427 & FWP-1022456)
Samuel Bayham, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

Harnessing Quantum Information Science For Enhancing Sensors In Harsh Fossil Energy Environment (FE0031896)
Xian Wang (Student Presenter) & Sohag Biswas, University of California - Riverside (University Training & Research)

Ultra-Low Disorder Graphene Quantum Dot-Based Spin Qubits for Cyber Secure Fossil Energy Infrastructure (FE0031908)
Kavish Saini (Student Presenter), University of Texas at El Paso (University Training & Research)

Towards AI-Enabled Autonomy of Robotic Inspection Platforms for Sustainability of Energy Infrastructure (FE0032196)
MD Sazzad Hossen (Student Presenter), University of Alabama Huntsville and Atik Faysal (Student Presenter), Rowan University (University Training & Research)

Data-Informed Models of Coal Fly Ash Composition for the Evaluation of Disposal Risks and Resuse Potential (FE0031748)
Heileen Hsu-Kim, Duke University (University Training & Research)