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2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting - Advanced Turbines - PROCEEDINGS


High Temperature Additive Architectures for 65 Percent Efficiency (FE0031611)
Scott F. Johnson, GE Vernova - Gas Power

Development of a Retrofittable Dry Low Emissions Gas Turbine Combustion System for 100% Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blends (FE0032106)
Rajeshriben Patel, Solar Turbines

Ammonia Combustor Development for Zero-Carbon Power (FE0032169)
Lance Smith, RTX Technology Research Center

Development of Hydrogen Burner for FT4000 Aeroderivative Engine (FE0032171)
Justin Locke, RTX Technology Research Center

Ammonia Gas Turbine Combustor (SC0020903)
Hassan Abdul Sater, Creative Power Solutions (USA), Inc.

Demonstration of a Gas Turbine-Scale Rotating Detonation Combustor Integrated with Compressor and Turbine Components at 7FA Cycle Conditions (FE0032170)
Kapil Singh and Luke D'Aquila, GE Aerospace Research

Development of Coal Syngas Oxy-Combustion Turbine for Use in Advanced sCO2 Power Cycles (FE0031929)
Michael Marshall, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)