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2023 FECM / NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting - Proceedings

  • Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Opening Session

Brian J. Anderson, Ph.D., Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Mark Ackiewicz, Director of Carbon Management Technologies,
Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, U.S. Department of Energy

Track 1

University Training & Research

Fossil Energy in the Hydrogen Economy - A Carbon-Water-Energy Nexus Adaptive Evaluation Platform (FE0032084)
Juan Ordonez, Florida State University/Florida A&M University

Infrastructure Assessment for Technology Innovation, Development and Training in Carbon Management (FE0032200)
Salah Faroughi, Texas State University

University Training & Research / Fuels, Liquids, & Polygeneration (Gasification)

Capabilities Development at the University of Texas at El Paso for Hydrogen Generation (FE0032201)
Md Nawshad Arslan Islam, University of Texas at El Paso

R&D Scoping Study and Infrastructure Self-Assessment of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Based Research Capabilities California State University (FE0032202)
Matthew Tang (Student Presenter), California State University, Los Angeles

Advanced Reaction Systems (FWP-1022405)
Jonathan Lekse, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Enabling Entrained-Flow Gasification of Blends of Coal, Biomass and Plastics (FE0032042)
Kevin Whitty, University of Utah

Air Separation (Gasification)

Magnetocaloric Cryogenic System for High Efficiency Air Separation (FWP-73143)
John Barclay and Corey Archipley, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pressure Driven Oxygen Separation (FWP-73130)
Josef Matyas and David Reed, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

High Selectivity and Throughput Carbon Molecular Sieve Hollow Fiber Membrane based Modular Air Separation Unit for Producing High Purity O2 (FWP-FE-1049-18-FY19)
Rajinder P. Singh, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Modularization of Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology for Air Separation (FE0031473)
Chris Xue, University of South Carolina

Clean Hydrogen & Negative CO2 Emissions (Gasification)

Fluidized-Bed Gasification of CoalBiomass-Plastics for Hydrogen Production (FE0032041)
Sushil Adhikari, Auburn University

Development and Characterization of Densified Biomass-Plastic Blend for Entrained Flow Gasification (FE0032043)
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

Performance Testing of a MovingBed Gasifier using Coal, Biomass, and Waste Plastic Blends to Generate White Hydrogen (FE0032044)
Horst Hack, Electric Power Research Institute

Gasification of Coal and Biomass: The Route to Net-Negative-Carbon Power and Hydrogen (FE0031993)
Horst Hack, Electric Power Research Institute

Track 2

Sensors & Controls

Integration of LIBs with Machine Learning for Real-Time Monitoring of Feedstock in H2 Gasification Applications (FE0032177)
Carlos Romero and Zheng Yao, Lehigh University

An Autonomous Robotic Inspection System for Coal Ash and Tailings Storage Facilities (FE0032206)
Guilherme Augusto, Silva Pereira and Ihsan Tulu, West Virginia University

Advanced Sensors, Controls and Other Novel Concepts for Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Applications (FWP-1022427, FWP-1022456)
Samuel Bayham, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Development of Disrupted Sensors for Waste Plastics Gasification toward Clean Hydrogen Production (FE0032210)
Kevin Chen, University of Pittsburgh

Harnessing Quantum Information Science For Enhancing Sensors In Harsh Fossil Energy Environment (FE0031896)
Xian Wang (Student Presenter), University of California – Riverside (University Training & Research)

Ultra-Low Disorder Graphene Quantum Dot-Based Spin Qubits for Cyber Secure Fossil Energy Infrastructure (FE0031908)
Aruna N. Nair (Student Presenter), University of Texas at El Paso (University Training & Research)

Effect of Impurities on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Compatibility (FWP-FEAA144)
Bruce Pint, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Low Cost High Performance Austenitic Stainless Steels for A-USC (FWP-FEAA133)
Xiang (Frank) Chen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Advanced Energy Materials for Hydrogen Turbines (Advanced Energy Materials)

Advanced Materials Development (FWP-1022406)
Omer Dogan, National Energy Technology Laboratory

eXtremeMAT - Accelerated Design and Manufacture of Next Generation Extreme Environment Materials (FWP-1022433)
Laurent Capolungo, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Low-Cost/High Performance Silicon Carbide Composite Shells for Gas Turbines (SC0022704)
Joseph Pegna, Free Form Fibers, LLC

Rapid SiC: Room Temperate Production of Polymer-Derived SiC (SC0022875)
Josh Smith, Luna Labs USA, LLC

Track 3

Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells / Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells Commercialization (Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells)

Cummins Reversible-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System Development (FE0031971)
Lars Henrichsen, Cummins, Inc.

Reversible SOC Stacks Based on Rare-Earth Nickelate Oxygen Electrodes (FE0031972)
John Pietras, Saint-Gobain

Performance Improvements for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems (FE0031974)
Hossein Ghezel-Ayagh, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

A Highly Efficient and Affordable Hybrid System for Hydrogen and Electricity Production (FE0031975)
Heli Wang, Phillips 66 Company

Versatile RSOC System for Hydrogen and Electricity Production (FE0031986)
Alex Vaeth, Nexceris

Development of Stable Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells for Low-Cost Hydrogen Production (FE0032105)
S (Elango) Elangovan and Jenna Pike, OxEon Energy, LLC

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Commercialization (Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells)

MW-Class SOFC Pilot System Development (FE0031639)
Hossein Ghezel-Ayagh, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Next Generation SOFC Module Development (FE0031648)
Hossein Ghezel-Ayagh, FuelCell Energy, Inc.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development and Demonstration Test Center (FE0024233-5.1, FE0031977)
Zhien Liu, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center

Improving Cost and Efficiency of the Scalable Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Power System (FE0031941)
Lars Henrichsen, Cummins, Inc.

Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (TCF-20-20119)
Jianlin Li, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Next Generation Durable, Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (FE0031674)
Ted Ohrn, Special Power Sources

3-D Printed High Temperature Centrifugal Impellers for Low Cost SOFC Recycle Blower (SC0020793)
Jose Luis Cordova, Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. 

  • Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Plenary Session

The FECM UTR Program and Student Success at the Aerospace Center
Md Nawshad Arslan Islam, University of Texas at El Paso

Bio-Inspired Acoustic-Based Inspection and Sensing
Ehsan Dehghan-Niri, Arizona State University

Track 1

Clean Hydrogen & Negative CO2 Emissions (Gasification)

A Mid-Century Net-Zero Scenario for the State of Wyoming and its Economic Impacts (FE0032150)
Eugene Holubnyak, University of Wyoming

Wabash Hydrogen Negative Emissions Technology Demonstration (FE0031994)
Joshua Pearson and Dan Williams, Wabash Valley Resources, LLC

University Training & Research (Gasification)

Microwave-Assisted Dehydrogenation of Fossil Fuels Using Iron-Based Alumina Nanocomposites (FE0032086)
Zachary Chanoi (Student Presenter) and Evgeny Shafirovich, University of Texas at El Paso (University Training & Research)

Low-Temperature Plasma Activation of Catalytic Processes (FE0032091)
Lorenzo Mangolini, University of California – Riverside (University Training & Research)

Multiphysics and Multiscale Simulation Methods for Electromagnetic Energy Assisted Fossil Fuel to Hydrogen Conversion (FE0032092)
Su Yan, Howard University (University Training & Research)

Electromagnetic Energy-Assisted Thermal Conversion of Fossil-Based Hydrocarbons to Low-Cost Hydrogen (FE0032061)
Johannes Van der Watt, University of North Dakota (University Training & Research)

Outreach & Education (Energy Asset Transformation)

Durable Low-Cost Pressure Vessels for Bulk Hydrogen Storage (FE0032022)
Ashok Saxena, WireTough Cylinders, LLC

Outreach for Advanced Storage Integration and Support (OASIS) (FE0032027)
Anantha Narayanan, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Overview of APPA's Energy Storage Accessibility for Public Power Utilities Project (FE0032026)
Carole Plowfield, American Public Power Association

Hydrogen (Energy Asset Transformation)

Hydrogen Storage for Load-Following and Clean Power: Duct-Firing of Hydrogen to Improve the Capacity Factor of NGCC (FE0032008)
John Vega, GTI Energy

Economically Viable Intermediate to Long Duration Hydrogen Energy Storage Solutions for Fossil Fueled Assets (FE0032001)
Zhili Feng, WE New Energy, Inc.

Advanced Oxygen-Free Electrolyzer for Ultra-Low-Cost Hydrogen Storage for Fossil Plants (FE0032023)
Pinakin Patel and Ludwig Lipp, T2M Global, LLC

Low-Cost, Scalable Boron NitrideBased Sorbents with Balanced Capacity-Kinetics-Thermodynamics for Hydrogen Storage (FE0032010)
Rouzbeh Savary, C-Crete Technologies

Track 2

Welding (Advanced Energy Materials)

Hybrid Structured Nickel Superalloys to Address Price Volatility and Weld / Weld Repair Based Supply Chain Issues (FE0032071)
Tanner Olson (Student Presenter), Michigan Technological University (University Training & Research)

High-Speed and High-Quality Field Welding Repair Based on Advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation and Numerical Modeling (FE0032067)
Desmond Bourgeois and Wei Zhang, The Ohio State University (University Training & Research)

Multi-pass Hybrid Laser Arc Welding of Alloy 740H (FWP-B100-19010)
Tate Patterson, Idaho National Laboratory and Todd Palmer, Pennsylvania State University

Development of Functionally Graded Materials to Enable Dissimilar Metal Joints (FWP-FEAA151)
Peeyush Nandwana, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Integrated Process Improvement using Laser and Friction Stir Processing for Nickel Alloys used in Fossil Energy Power Plant Applications (FWP-71843)
Christoper Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Robust Dissimilar Metal Friction Welded Spool for Enhanced Capability for Steam Power Components (FE0031907)
Voramon Dheeradhada and Sreekar Karnati, GE Research

Additive Manufacturing (Advanced Energy Materials)

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Steam Cycle Components Using Location Specific Design Enhanced by High-Throughput Experiments and Machine Learning (FE0026825-06-19)
Wei Xiong, University of Pittsburgh

Conformal Coatings on Additive Manufactured Robust Alloys for Significant Mitigation of Oxidation, Erosion, and Corrosion (FE0032068)
Xueyan Song, West Virginia University (University Training & Research)

Additive Manufactured Graded Composite Transition Joints for Dissimilar Metal Weldments (FE0031819)
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University

Evaluating Ni-Based Alloys for A-USC Component Manufacturing and Use (FWP-FEAA152)
Xiang (Frank) Chen and Timothy Lach, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Advanced Supercritical and Ultrasupercritical Materials (Advanced Energy Materials)

Corrosion and Erosion Coatings for Biomass with Load Following (FE0031911)
Patrick Shower and Anteneh Kebbede, General Electric

Continued Development - Real Time and Physics Based Data Analytics for Thermal Power Plants (FE0032035)
Robert Steele and Salvatore A. DellaVilla Jr., Strategic Power Systems, Inc.

Track 3

Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells / Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells R&D (Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells)

Reversible Solid Oxide Cell Degradation Characterization, Simulation, and Mitigation at NETL (FWP-1022411)
Harry Abernathy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Status Update of NETL Techno-Economic Analysis of Solid Oxide Cells (FWP-1022411)
Gregory Hackett, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Multi-Constituent Airborne Contaminants Capture with Low Cost Oxide Getters and Mitigation of Cathode Poisoning in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (FE0031647)
Prabhakar Singh, University of Connecticut

Durable and High-Performance SOECs Based on Proton Conductors for Hydrogen Production (FE0032115)
Meilin Liu, Georgia Tech

Designing Internal Surfaces of Porous Electrodes in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells for Highly Efficient and Durable Hydrogen Production (FE0032112)
Xueyan Song, West Virginia University

Developing Stable Critical Materials and Microstructure for High-Flux and Efficient Hydrogen Production through Reversible Solid Oxide Cells (FE0032111)
Kevin Huang, University of South Carolina

Improving Durability and Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolyzers by Controlling Surface Composition on Oxygen Electrodes (FE0032102)
Bildge Yildiz and Bill Liu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Development of Novel 3D Cell Structure and Manufacturing Processes for Highly Efficient, Durable and Redox Resistant Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (FE0032107)
Sanghoon Lee (Student Presenter) and Nguyen Minh, University of California – San Diego

Development of High-Performance Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells Diagnostic Methods (FE0032110)
Xiao-Dong Zhou and Yudong Wang, University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

Heterostructured Cr Resistant Oxygen Electrode for SOECs (FE0032116)
Yu Zhong, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells / Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells R&D (Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells) / Simulation-Based Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing of Solid Oxide Electrodes Using ALD (SC0022769)
Katherine Hansen, Radiation Monitoring Devices

Multi-Scale Modeling and Optimization Using IDAES (FWP-1022423)
Anthony P. Burgard, Ben Omell and Steve Zitney, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Advanced Modeling and ProcessMaterials Co-Optimization Strategies for Swing Adsorption Based Gas Separations (FE0032069)
Xiangyu Yin (Student Presenter) and Chrysanthos E. Gounaris, Carnegie Mellon University (University Training & Research)

  • Thursday, April 20, 2023

Track 1

Other Technologies (Energy Asset Transformation)

Development of an All-Aqueous Thermally Regenerative Redox Flow Battery to Support Fossil Fuel Assets (FE0032030)
Jose Rochin (Student Presenter), Pennsylvania State University

Low-Cost Metal-Supported Metal Halide Energy Storage Technology (SC0021566)
Neil Kidner, Nexceris/Adena Power

Titanium-Cerium Electrode-Decoupled Redox Flow Batteries (FE0032011)
Benjamin Kumfer, Washington University in St. Louis

Sand Thermal Energy Storage (SandTES) Pilot Design (FE0032024)
Scott Hume, Electric Power Research Institute

Reversible Methane Electrochemical Reactors as Efficient Energy Storage for Fossil Fuel Power (FE0032005)
Pejman Kazempoor, University of Oklahoma

Ammonia-Based Energy Storage (FE0032014)
Ted Aulich, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota

Track 2

Emissions Control

An Update of NETL’s Emissions Control Field Work Proposal Research (FWP-1022479)
Eric Grol, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Surface Modified Fly Ash For Value Added Products (Sumo Fly Ash) (FE0032039)
Sanandam Bordoloi (Student Presenter) and Chinmoy Baroi, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

Facilitating Implementation of High-Volume Fly Ash Use in Precast Concrete Construction to Increase Beneficial Utilization (FE0031931)
Matthew Gombeda, Illinois Institute of Technology

High Strength, Encapsulated, Commercially Useful Components and Particles Made from Coal Combustion Residuals (FE0031932)
William Easter, Semplastics

A Data-Driven Multiscale Phytotechnology Framework for Identification and Remediation of Leached-Metals-Contaminated Soil Near Coal Ash Impoundments (FE0032184, DE-FOA-0002596)
Bahreh Nojabaei, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (University Training & Research)

Track 3

Simulation-Based Engineering

CFD for Advanced Reactor Design (CARD) (FWP-1022463)
Jeff Dietiker, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Unsupervised Learning Based Interaction Force Model for Nonspherical Particles in Incompressible Flows (FE0031905)
Soohwan Hwang (Student Presenter) and Liang-Shih Fan, The Ohio State University (University Training & Research)

Development and Evaluation of a General Drag Model for Gas-Solid Flows Via Physics-Informed Deep Machine Learning (FE0031904)
Pratik Mahyawansi (Student Presenter), Florida International University (University Training & Research)

A General Drag Model for Assemblies of Non-Spherical Particles Created with Artificial Neural Networks (FE0031894)
Sergio Molina (Student Presenter), University of Texas at San Antonio (University Training & Research)