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Monday, August 28, 2023

Lab/Bench-Scale Research
Moderator: Elliot Roth

Transformational Sorbent Materials for a Substantial Reduction in the Energy Requirement for Direct Air Capture (FE0031953)
Ravi Jain and Norberto Lemcoff, InnoSepra LLC       

Electrochemically-Driven Carbon Dioxide Separation (FE0031955)
James Buchen, University of Delaware       

Direct Air Capture using Trapped Small Amines in Hierarchical Nanoporous Capsules on Porous Electrospun Fibers (FE0031969)
Miao Yu, University at Buffalo   

Bench-Scale Testing of Monolithic PPI Structured Contactors for Direct Air Capture of CO2 (FE0032094)
Christopher Bertole, Cormetech, Inc.

Bench-Scale Research
Moderator: Mike Bergen 

Accelerated Life Cycle Testing of Advanced Structured Material Systems for Direct Air Capture (FE0032099)
Mustapha Soukri, RTI International       

Bench Scale Development of a Novel Direct Air Capture Technology using High Capacity Structured Sorbents (FE0032118)
Raghubir P. Gupta and Andrew Tong, Susteon, Inc.       

Electrochemically Regenerated Solvent for Direct Air Capture with Cogeneration of Hydrogen at Bench-Scale (FE0032125)
Kunlei Liu and Ayokunie Omosebi, University of Kentucky   

AIRCO2 Contactor: Advanced Integrated Reticular Sorbent-Coated System to CO2 Using an Additively-Manufactured Contactor (FE0032126)
David Moore, GE Research       

Energy-Efficient Direct Air Capture System for High Purity CO2 Separation (FE0032128)
Joo-Youp Lee, University of Cincinnati

Bench-Scale Research
Moderator: Greg Imler

Direct Air Capture with Fiber Sorbents: Module, Design and Fabrication (FE0032129)
Ryan Lively, Georgia Institute of technology   

Amine Infused ePTFE/SiO2 Laminate Structured Sorbents as an Advanced Direct Air Capture System (FE0032278)
Matthew Realff, Georgia Institute of Technology       

Advancing a Low-Temperature, Low-Cost Direct Air Capture System Based on Organic Chemistry (FE0032269)
Anca Timofte, Holocene   

Advanced Engineered Structures for High Performance Direct Air Capture System (FE0032261)
Gokhan Alptekin, TDA Research, Inc   

Bench-Scale Development of Promoted High-Capacity Structured Sorbents (FE0032254)
James Zhou, Susteon, Inc.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Bench-Scale Research
Moderator: Mike Bergen

Demonstration of a Continuous-Motion Direct Air Capture (DAC) System (FE0031957)
Eric W. Ping and Stephanie Didas, Global Thermostat, LLC       

Direct Air Capture Using Novel Structured Adsorbents (FE0031959)
Kathy Fagundo, Electricore, Inc. and Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka, Climeworks       

DAC RECO2UP - Direct Air Capture Recovery of Energy for CCUS Partnership (FE0031961)
Joshua Miles, AirCapture, LLC   

A Combined Atmospheric Water Extraction and CO2 Direct Air Capture System (FE0031970)
Alexander Spiteri and Will Kain, IWVC, LLC

NETL Research & Innovation Center
Moderator: Jan Steckel

Polymer Sorbents Fibers for Direct Air Capture
Ali Sekizkardes, National Energy Technology Laboratory       

The Development of an NETL DAC Reactor: Optimization of Direct Air Capture (DAC) Reactor Configuration Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inverse Engineering Techniques
Justin Weber and Ronald Breault, National Energy Technology Laboratory       

Systems Analysis for Carbon Dioxide Removal
Timothy Fout, National Energy Technology Laboratory       

An Overview of CCSI2 Capabilities for Accelerating Technology Commercialization
Benjamin Omell, National Energy Technology Laboratory       

NETL Direct Air Capture Center
Dave Luebke, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Direct Air Capture Technology Development - An Emerging Support Ecosystem (Panel Discussion)
Moderator: Dave Luebke

Dave Luebke, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Pamela Chu, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Matthew Realff, Direct Air Capture Center (DirACC) at Georgia Tech
David Sholl, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Frank Morton, National Carbon Capture Center
Michael Leitch, XPRIZE

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bench-Scale Research
Moderator: Erika Coffey

Integrated Bench-Scale Testing of a Structured Sorbent for Direct Air Capture (FE0032243)
Andrew Tong and Raghubir P. Gupta, Susteon, Inc.   

Aerogel Adsorbent Polymers for Direct Air CO2 Capture (FE0032251)
Jonathan Bachman, Palo Alto Research Center, LLC       

An Integrated and Continuous Bench-Scale Passive Direct Air Capture (DAC) Demonstration (FE0032241)
Mustapha Soukri, RTI International   

Negative-Emissions Enabled Direct Air Capture with Coupled Electro-Production of Hydrogen at 5 kg-per-hour Scale (FE0032255)
Ayokunle Omosebi and Xin Gao, University of Kentucky       

3D Printed Engineered Structures for High Performance Direct Air Capture System (FE0032260)
Gokhan Alptekin, TDA Research, Inc.       

Transformational Sorbent-Based Process for Direct Air Capture (SC0020740)
Ravi Jain and Norberto Lemcoff, InnoSepra, LLC

Lab/Bench-Scale Research
Moderator: Zach Roberts

Dual Function Materials for Direct Air Capture of CO2 (SC0020795)
Jonathan Peters, Susteon, Inc.

A Novel Contactor for Reducing the Cost of Direct Air Capture of CO2 (SC0020860)
Mansour Masoudi, Emissol, LLC

FEED Studies
Moderator: Elliot Roth

FEED Study of CarbonCapture Inc. DAC and CarbonCure Utilization Technologies using United States Steel's Gary Works Plant Waste Heat (FE0032154)
Leslie M. Gioja, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center at the University of Illinois       

ChemFADAC - Low Carbon Intensity Formic Acid Chemical Synthesis from Direct Air Captured CO2 Utilizing Chemical Plant Waste Heat (ChemFADAC) (FE0032157)
Andy Louwagie, AirCapture, LLC

DAC Technology Maturation Panel
Moderator: Noah Deich

Noah Deich, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Carbon Management, U.S. Department of Energy
Scott Litzelman, Program Lead, Climate, Frontier
Olivier Dubé, Head of Process Development, Climeworks
Todd Wilke, Head of Technology, Carbon Engineering
Eric Ping, Vice-President, Process & Operations, Global Thermostat
Noah McQueen, Co-Founder and Head of Research, Heirloom
Merritt Dailey, Senior Associate, Carbon Direct Capital

Thursday, August 31, 2023

FEED Studies
Moderator: Andy Aurelio

Nuclear Direct Air Capture with Carbon Storage (NuDACCS) (FE0032160)
Brandon Webster, Battelle Memorial Institute

Pre-FEED Studies
Moderator: Andy Aurelio

Spatiotemporal Adaptive Passive Direct Air Capture (FE0032097)
J. Michael Austell, Carbon Collect, Inc. and Katherine Dombrowski, Trimeric Corporation       

Direct Air Capture-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal with United States Low-Carbon Energy and Sinks (FE0032100)
Jason Dietsch and Kevin O'Brien, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign   

Scaleup and Site-Specific Engineering Design for Global Thermostat Direct Air Capture Technology (FE0032101)
Mark Steutermann, Black and Veatch Corporation and Eric Ping, Global Thermostat       

Pre-FEED Studies
Moderator: Zach Roberts

Filer City BiCRS Net-Negative Study (FE0032262)
Timothy Gehring, NorthStar Clean Energy   

Net-Zero Lime Kiln and Carbon Removal Facility (FE0032248)
Kathy Fagundo, Electricore, Inc. and Nick Papanicolaou, Carmeuse   

Enhanced Mineralization Testing
Moderator: Zach Roberts

King City Asbestos Corporation (KCAC) Mine Carbon Mineralization Field Test (FWP-FEW0278)
Briana Mordick Schmidt, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

DAC Reactive Capture
Moderator: Zach Roberts

Integrated Process for Direct Air Capture of CO2 through Reactive Crystallization (TCF-20-20118)
Radu Custelcean, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Direct Air Capture Pre-Commercial EPIC Prize Roundtable
Moderator: Eli Cain, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Unstructured Meet and Greet with Phase 1 Winners & DOE
Phase 1 Winners Panel Presentations
Phase I Winners Panel - Audience Q&A
Unstructured Networking with Phase 1 Winners & Audience   

Carbon Negative Shot Mapping Breakout
Moderators: Rory Jacobson and Sarah Forbes

Introduction and Objectives
Rory Jacobson and Sarah Forbes, U.S. DOE and Andrew Jones, NETL       

Overview of Brainstorm Exercise

  • Impactful DOE R&D
  • Pilot Scale and Cost Gap

Independent Breakout Group Discussions

  • Future programming needed to meet the CNS
  • Current approach: successes and learnings
  • Most urgent private sector needs
  • Testing infrastructure requirements

Breakout Groups Report Out